Delirium Challenge Rewards

Eeew all rewards are so creepy I don't want any of em...
The first wings looked way better in my humble opinion. I'd much rather have a choice between the 2. If this is at all an option that would be pretty cool to have a choice when we hit 36 and I will be there again no doubt. Im guessing you changed the first wings because of feedback, I thought they were pretty damn sweet and unique these new one are much more plain. As always thank you all for your hard work its much appreciated best wishes to everyone over there at GGG.
These rewards looks so ugly. I probably skip the league tho nothing interested.
Good stuff
got visibility. but lost the value of challenge rewards.
The cloak and wings look pretty cool.
Gotta do them all challenges!
Selling some legacy items at
Delirium Impale/Attack Speed/Maim 8 passive/2 socket Cluster Jewels at
Am I the only one that one of the first things I'll do in a new league is check to see if there is a portal reward, and if there isn't, becomes substantially less invested in pushing to 36 challenges?
Aww, I wanted those big wings. The new design is too generic for me.
Could you bring those big Delirium wings back in some way?

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