Delirium Challenge Rewards

eh where is the portal.
Wouldn't the cloak attachment override the wings? (or maybe I don't know how those work properly)
GGG " Hey lets make a nice feature whee u can make it so random portals spawn people will love that!"

and then putting 2 back attachments as rewards one of the weakest rewards since Harbinger but hey we can buy the Mirror Portal for like 36$!

The cloak doesn't have physics when you move your character, it's just in stasis-animation. Is this a technical difficulty? I'm pretty sure animated tentacles can still have some motion physics added to them.
Those wings are trash to be honest. It's bulky and stiff.
Cloak looks ok but what are those wings haha

The outer parts are so huuuuge
no portal :(
The delerium thing woulda been SICK as a portal.
I was certain y'all woulda made a challenge rewards a portal given you're introducing the random portals this league too.
I'm rather dissapointed.
ugly as fuck
no mirror portal
its good xD not need to carry about any reward this league
i'm down, but yeah a portal for 24 would have been better ;)
Rewards seem sort of meh. See if my opinion changes over time, but not a fan so far.
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