Delirium Challenge Rewards

3 more months and you've learned nothing. Truly, absolutely terrible, as usual.
No fun allowed.™
No mirror-themed portal reward for a league where we go into mirror portals? :/

Was also hoping for some kind of delerium fog or aura effect as well.

This is a letdown.
Wow, very nice rewards, and those wing are amaaaazing. Jesus thank god i took days off from work, i need those.
I think the horns are ok, the cloak is kind of bleh and the winds are just way too big.
Dem wings.


im disappointed
cool wings
These look uggo wuggo other than the horns. 12 challenges it is!
The wings look so ugly I just need them :D

The cloak looks nice though :)
Just one more map
Why do you insist on bizarre mtx?That shit is ridiculous.

Fateweaver,Polaris,Darkprism Armour,Ringmaster,Harlequin... Who's doing this shit?


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