Private Leagues for Path of Exile: Delirium are now available!

If you're planning to play in a Private Delirium League at launch this Friday, we'd like to remind you that you can create it right now! Click here to set up your Private League (don't forget to double check the start time of your league upon creating). Please note that you won't be able to participate in these events until they officially launch on March 13th.
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wish i had friends
I hope nobody uses the private league option to basically get a 120 points atlas reset in ssf. Unintended p2w feature detected xD
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Available but not free to make. Those who enjoy competing (pushing ladders) save your points, don't use em on MTX. Not buying special tabs like a map tab got me extra three weeks of a good competition in a private (challenge) league.
(Rank #1 SSF HC Synthesis Juggernaut)
(Rank #1 Kammell class race Marauder)
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add delve-only/unlimited sulphite as an option and i will buy a year straight of a private league
Any fun mods yet?
No fun allowed.™

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