Cluster Jewels and their Notables

Am I the only who actually didnt read all of it and commented anyways.

Nice update GGG! cool
League CARRY Thread:
exec85 wrote:
Well after seeing this... is there any reason why would play something else than Minion builds? :-D

Cause minion builds are beginner builds, and real ones are far stronger?

Minions are popular cause cheap and easy to play, so most people play em, nothing wrong with that. But once you play and get rich, there are far stronger builds out there, that will get even stronger with these new passive jewels lmao.


Sure, some of them are good but let's face it normal players won't have access to good ones

Those fucking things are hidden behind 3 , i repeat THREE different layers of RNG.

First of all small cluster jewels are rare. Like exalts.

So you need an exalt to drop or trade for

Second you need the correct type of cluster jewel, i.e. mana or whatever you want. Those are obviously weighted.

So your exalt basicly needs to roll another exalt, therfore we are now at exalt².

But wait, you are not done yet now we need to roll the right passives on your jewel. Like tyranical. (and even now we are not done yet because we most likely got some junk affix combined with the passive we wanted)

To summarize:
HH are common compared to this junk of a system.
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>pressure points
So no extra Skill Points and some of them most likely so rare that they have Headhunter Prices in some Weeks. meh
3 months more without Social life.... Oh well. Let's do it!
Completely insane, you really do not think about new players and beginners. Already that the tree is GIGANTESQUE we add it, There is so much league in the league that we add it. I say it's too much to know and to know. Again you would give clear explanations, to help, but not. As you only know how to add things. 4.0 will be 3.99 + 4.0 = anything?
Jesus Tapdancing Christ!!!!
Jesus Tapdancing Christ!!!!

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