Cluster Jewels and their Notables

(You are Unencumbered while you have no Equipped Gloves, Main Hand Item, or Off Hand Item)
GrayNightz wrote:
Yes, but the game is still bad.

Than why are you here?))) What do you mean by "bad"?
oi ggg. you know what would be great. that we could roll on rare items all ingame unique item modifiers with some orb some awakener orb mods are bad, so please change and add them. go go crafting :D
Before you guys scream POWER CREEP... remember you have to sacrifice points from an already point starved system to obtain these nodes. Going to be some hard choises.
Yes nice nice ....

But tbh another step to separate the "hardcore" from casuals, not to say beginners.

Well, if they want to, do it.

I will take some guide of a simple build and enjoy that, no longer trying to understand all of the completely overloaded skill tree.

GGG kind of forces players literally into some "meta" or "one build 90% plays it" as it gets more and more impossible for most player within reasonable time ( i mean people with a life beyond the computer / the game )
to understand enough of the game to go different ways / explore things on their own.

Kind of hope some day this overkill will boomerang back on them.
HazaRdReborN wrote:
Something to note/ponder on.

I keep replaying in my mind Exilcon, and the words "the next patches will be with PoE 2 in mind"... Do you guys think there is a chance they are testing the waters for a new passive tree system that will rely somewhat on a simpler design from the tree we currently have and more cluster jewels or some other revamp?

So curious as to what "we'll figure out what we are doing with the passive tree then reveal it" can lead to. Seeing this addition, I can only wonder if they have something in mind that makes use of some of these mechanics.

The proposed changes and SIMPLER in one sentence?

What the fuck ... GGG just facekicks the casual players and beginners once more.

But this might be the goal, in this case : well done :)
Rekill wrote:
Can we put the sockets in un-allocated sockets so we can exactly see what they do before spending points? So that is basically works like the regular skill tree.

If you hover over the jewel it will tell you want the passives it adds will do.

Yes i understand but it wil say stuff like 'Magnifier' or 'Disciple of Kitava'. Like i will remember every name of the passives...
So much trash will, so it will be hard to roll anything decent.
In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.
incredible work!
Devastator reads:

20% increased Attack Damage
20% increased Damage with Ailments from Attack Skills
Enemies killed by your Attack Hits have a 15% chance to Explode, dealing a tenth of their maximum Life as Physical Damage

Isn't a tenth the same as 10%? Is there some math-magic I am missing? I know GGG is very specific about their language. Not sure why a fraction was used instead of a percent.

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