Cluster Jewels and their Notables

is it possible to get two or three of the same nodes?

for example:

Pure Commander
Purity of Elements has 30% increased Aura Effect
Purity of Fire has 30% increased Aura Effect
Purity of Ice has 30% increased Aura Effect
Purity of Lightning has 30% increased Aura Effect

if i get this node three times, do i get 90% Aura effect

for example:

Pure Commander
Purity of Elements has 90% increased Aura Effect
Purity of Fire has 90% increased Aura Effect
Purity of Ice has 90% increased Aura Effect
Purity of Lightning has 90% increased Aura Effect

wow so you remove any negative feedback to this stupid and unbalanced update. Says a lot about you GGG. Cant you just remove melee and life from the game completely as a concept already if you dont care about it at all anyway ?
GGG refuses to buff Melee and gives every surivability tool to Spell/Ranged/Minion Builds because they dont play the game or at least melee themself.
[Removed by Support]
-The Truth
Too many OP stacking potential.
New patch gonna be a unbalance mess that will take months to fix.
I think release almost 300 new skills is kind of a rush by GGG.
Oh ! SO much new notable :D
It's funny how there's so many people getting mad about things they absolutely don't understand and proving themselves wrong by what they think are their arguments xD . Anyways, nice job GGG, will be fun playing with these in the next league.
nice, wampipty
Hollow Palm Technique
(You are Unencumbered while you have no Equipped Gloves, Main Hand Item, or Off Hand Item)
!!Or off hand, but on poe wiki of "Unencumbered" says:If any of those item slots are not empty, the status is lost
Man, how can ppl get confused with the skill tree? It's pretty packed, i get it. But it's a PASSIVE tree. You lack damage? Put points into damage. You lack life? Points into life. Lack res? Points into res. What's so complicated??
And of course now they are also crying about this customizable skill tree being added. It's meant for ppl with a little bit of knowledge. I.m 99% sure you will be able to clear all content ingame without touching any jewels. We'll see tomorrow after the patch notes. But i highly doubt they will butcher something so hard that you need to invest in jeweles. Maybe summoner will get nerfed hard. Hopefully. Neon said they will. So there's that.
But other than that, keep playing like you're doing right now.

It looks awesome. I highly doubt this won't go core after the league is done. I would actually be mad if they did. This is some major shit right here. And i love it.

I legit think the bulk of time they spent on the new notables was actually naming all of this, lol.
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GGG, heed these words. Less is more.

Prioritize fixing current balance problems instead of this new added mess.

Apart from being fantastic extra content that can create unique builds, the icon art is great! (I just wish there were some more hybrid defence passives, just a minor gripe).
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