3.12 💀 Torstein's Death Angel - All content viable - insane! 2x Oni-Goroshi2

hey how about , tectonic slam ? because infernal blow not really fits to me :)
sn3kox wrote:
hey how about , tectonic slam ? because infernal blow not really fits to me :)

You can play pretty much any melee skill that uses swords just get right supports.
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What would you sugdeste for tectonic slam gem combo? Not really good at choosing right gems 😂
sn3kox wrote:
What would you sugdeste for tectonic slam gem combo? Not really good at choosing right gems 😂

Tectonic slam => Elemental damage with attack => Multistrike => Fortify => Pulverise => Ruthless/ Fire penetration.

You can consider Consecrated Path for more faster clear by quickly jump from pack to pack. Consecrated Path => Pulverise => Combustion/Fortify => Ele with attack => Melee Physical damage=> Fire Penetration/ Faster Attack.

That's my suggest.
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manilamako wrote:
Slowly saving up the jewels for the cluster setup. I now have:

4 mob mentality / warning call / 2 socket items
1 large cluster with feed the fury / smite the weak / drive the destruction
3 fettle skill with random attributes for each

Only one large cluster remaining and there are tons of options.


Can i have an extra smite the weak node on the other large cluster? Ill be sacrificing either martial prowess or fuel the fight for it or is it better to scatter and have all 4 plus 2 feed the fury. If i get the smite the weak, is it necessary to equip Maim and if yes, what do you guys give up? WoC?

And for the random attributes for fettle jewel, im assuming any would do but would be nice to get dex and int, right? Thank you!

I can't speak for the other notables as I have never used them. I can say the group some of us are using is excellent.

Once you move to the stacking cluster build, your build will be dex starved (I had no int issues). So before you make the switch, do it all in POB and make sure you can meet the attribute requirements. We have been taking one of the +30 dex on the tree but that was not enough. You will need more either on gear, the tree or cluster jewels.

Getting dex with Fettle would be nice, but always double check on pob to make sure you are going to meet your dex requirement.

Forgive me if I worded it wrong but I was talking about the skill nodes on the Large Cluster Jewels. I see the common combo is Feed the fury on both, then one of each: (smite the weak, drive the destruction, fuel the fight and martial prowess)

Anyway, I jumped the gun and got the Smite the Weak / Feed the Fury / Fuel the Fight combo on the other Large Cluster. The next one with 10% increase damage usable for us Sword Users jumps another 100 lol.

Im lacking dex even after getting one of the nodes on the way too.. Ill play around with the PoB before making any drastic change
PS: minimum frenzy gives way more DPS than the increased damage mod. A lot cheaper too.

I know that but min frenzy is suffix and 20 dmg is prefix which i had opened on both rings at the time.. Build is not over dont worry..
I would like to try frost blades again .. What is best setup..Does awakened melee splash support work with that.. tnx for reply
I reached lvl 93 now and also made a full change to the Cluster Jewels, that all costed me less than expected tbh. which is quite nice.

My (optimal) dps on Blade Flurry got pushed quite high (almost doubled) which is insane and tbh having 90% uptime on Berserk with Leap Slam + Faster Attacks is also kinda overkill (you feel like you are on Crack when you leap slam through the maps).

My main problem now is that the defensive layers got cut away with the Keynotes Acrobatics and Phase Acrobatics which I've felt. So basically traded survivability for dmg. But having so much uptime on Berserk gives also "less" damage taken which is strong, I just feel like to utilize this to the fullest potential I am missing the Life threshhold for that soemtimes. I think maybe hitting the 6k Life mark would be quite huge, currently sitting at 5.45k atm.

My build is far, far from being optimized, the gear was the cheapest i could found to get the build working so my investment now is to get better gear with more Life etc.

Here is my PoB:

Any suggestions, improvements or what else i could do better atm?
forget frost blades did it .. blow is better
Guys, this day finaly comes! And once again all thanks is go to Torstein!

at last i get:

I think it's time to test Youe Assasin ];->

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