Animation canceling needs a fix

The idea was good, but the implementation is "too far from being acceptable".

Amsterdam Sarn Arena, 50ms latency, lockstep
Character A: just running at 45% increased movement speed
Character B: only using Leap Slam and some sort of melee attack

Each time Character B queuing his movement skill during main attack animation — the movement skill animation become invisible on Character A screen.
At least each 3rd leap slam is invisible:

Desynced character position on screen may vary in a high range, you can't aim with a skill that has less than 30 units radius attack area.
Non-AoE "melee" matchup in this case turns into bedlam.
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it look cool tho
QA Team supporter.
If you using something that blow up whole screen or has auto aim then the problem is just a funny thing you not actually care about.

If your main skill has limited range and practical maximum amount of uses or require direct manual aim on a target then "partially invisible unpredictable opponent" quickly become the worst experience you may get in the game.

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