Path of Exile: Delirium Gem Information

Sooo.... what is the point of Feeding Frenzy now exactly?
Malbidion wrote:
Sooo.... what is the point of Feeding Frenzy now exactly?

It procs Feeding Frenzy, which is a buff separate to the more multiplier that they removed from the gem.
Cool new skills.
Looks like necro took a bit of a hit

waiting to go online and check everything out :D
I don't understand.

What was the change to Flameblast?
A question about animate weapon.

I'm not sure about the gem description

"minions attacks deal x to x"
"lingering blade deal x to x"

Lingering blade are minions, but it make no sense a "free" weapon would get more damage that one you bothered bring in your inventory or drop from a mob.

So does the glass shank get the "minions" flat on top or not?
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Archmage Support says "Supported Skills gain added Lightning Damage equal to 127% of Mana Cost"
Is that maximum added lightning damage, or a guaranteed consistent amount of damage?

Stealth pre-nerf to Stormbind. From 4 upgrades to 3.
Hope it doesn't negatively affect the skill guys......
But a day prior / day of skill nerf is cruel......
Theory craft, its why I have used all 24 character slots and the strangest builds you'll ever see.
So what about archmage supporting a channeled skill that hits, specificly something like flame blast or divine ire. Do we just rapidly fuck our Mana bar for almost no benefit or does it collect the accumulated Mana spent.

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