Path of Exile: Delirium Gem Information

can you release what monster lvl-/-gem lvl is for animate weapon and animate guardian weapon?
Am I playing with the new gems? xD
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Geldorn wrote:
I don't understand Stormbind, so it's a channeling spell that places the runes, and then a second channeling skill that empowers them? That sounds just plain awful and I hope that's not how it actually works.

The video for it looked pretty clean, is it just one channel for both effects? And how would it work with something like totems?

I had the same thought, the skill looks interesting in the video, but I'm afraid that it's going to be super clunky
Where's Unleash support?
Time to think of names for my new character(s) based on these skills.
just them ?
No love for melee I see.
Mmmmmm tasty recipe for death: -)

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