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“Put on some armour. Just remember what’s armour and what’s you, so when it comes time to take it off, you can.”
― Brent Weeks, The Blinding Knife. Lightbringer series.

Anyone welcome new and old players alike! We currently have small guild stash and are always working on getting more and open to expanding. Our environment is one of willingness to teach and help with any questions. We are a great guild for those who want to learn more about the game, take their game to the next level, or play the endgame with players that like to push it as well.

For an example of how we can help you progress look no further than our officer Malaber. He hasn't been playing PoE long but after a league of stuffing his brain with tons of knowledge he pushed the endgame, farmed up hundreds of exalts, and ended the league on 36 challenges complete. I'm not saying everyone would end up like this, but I am saying that this guild has the knowledge and ability to help you get there.

We are a US server guild. Our usual hours are between 5pm-11pm EST but can often find us at odd hours as well. We chat on our discord about a whole lot of nothing and are about having fun more than anything.

We are currently 29/40 active members! Many of which are very active on Discord as well. Join and come voip with us!

We are pretty casual about playing which means you wont find us disappearing 3 weeks into the league like some guilds. We generally play rather steady for 2 months+ then get kind of sporadic towards the end of the league. Then come back hard for next league.

If any of this interests you, reply to this post with your
What you hope to get out of the guild:

Also feel free to pm me or whisper me in game @:Inks if you have questions. Feel free to ask any questions you have in this thread as well.
You can also pm Clay @ his IGN: HarvestSkulls
IGN for Malaber and Mar:
Malaber and Margnarok


And remember:
“Kindness can break chains that cunning cannot.”
- Brent Weeks, The Broken Eye. Lightbringer series.

So be kind!



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A new home.

IGN: MetaSlaveTooLate

What do I hope/want?: Simple really, just some people to hang out and play with.
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Looking for an active guild. IGN: docSavage50
IGN: Draxzon777; Looking for a guild
✪ NAME(IGN): ItsBerserkerTime
✪ What you hope to get out of the guild: play and learn with some chill peeps
Looking for an active guild to talk or run some maps with, have over 1.5k hrs. IGN - Rattatouilles

Looking for a guild to runs maps/all content and get help and help others! around 1.3k hours of gameplay.

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