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Invites sent to all!
Sorry, was looking for EU-based guild, reading is not my strongest part :D
Best of luck to you!
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Off for the night. I'll add people in the morning if I see new posts.
IGN: UglyYoungBuck

Reason: I'm a new player and just looking for a bunch of vets that can help me guide and overall just help each other out. I'm active and only will ever not be on for longer then maybe a couple of days at most.
Invite sent!


✪ What you hope to get out of the guild:

I'm looking to join a knowledgeable group of players to learn from and push end-game content with. I've played for a few leagues, not always consecutively, and have a solid ARPG background (10+ years Ragnarok Online, 5+ years of D3, etc) so I have a fair understanding of how the game works. I've largely been solo playing as all of my IRL friends are off-put by the games complexity, and im looking to change that!
gamby34 wrote:
✪ NAME(IGN): JabroniPoisons

Sounds awesome! I sent you an invite. Let your friends know that if they would like to join and learn as well they are more than welcome. I'm sure I can make the game's complexity something they understand and enjoy.
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IGN: Reconita

I am a US Army guy. Sorta new to the game.(Played for a few weeks back in 2016) Currently stationed in Germany. Hoping to Play with a relaxed, knowledgeable group of people. Really just getting tired of playing by my self.

Normally play between 6pm-midnight(Cest) during the week.
Weekends through out the morning.

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