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IGN: Misfunction

Reason: New player (tried playing in a different season and didn't like it; decided to play this season and found a build/playstyle I enjoy a lot), don't have much xp so looking for people that are willing to answer questions.

Other information: I am a night owl. I've played D3 since it first came out so I'm familiar with some of the game mechanics. I've caught on quickly to the trade sites and have generally googled how to do something I don't understand. I've been solo so far but am open to doing things with groups of people.
Welcome to the guild!
✪ NAME(IGN):dunno
✪ What you hope to get out of the guild:aurabots and group play
IGN: wewillbebad- I find games more enjoyable with people to share your achievements with and just discuss whats going on. I still don't know everything but i have learned a lot quickly and love passing on what i do know. I also have a lacerate glad currently but I facerolled his name and will never memorize it.
Invites sent!
Bump, off to bed, Adding all in the morning!
If any of this interests you, reply to this post with your
✪ NAME(IGN): LacazetteD
✪ What you hope to get out of the guild: Looking for a friendly guild
✪ NAME(IGN): Kiq
✪ What you hope to get out of the guild: Just a friendly community to fill my chat box

I have played PoE pretty casual on and off for a few leagues. I usually just play by myself but with being off from work and all the self-isolation I'm feeling a little lonely lately and am looking for some company. When I saw some Brent Weeks quotes I felt like this could be a place for me.


IGN: Crazy_Vhex

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