🔥Turtle Bear Army🔥Harvest League Recruiting🔥

Correction to IGN: dcsuolspectre
New spots have been bought for more members in Harvest league! Come join the fun in PoE and in Discord!
You should definitely join this guild. I've learned a ton, there are always people on, and the discord is active and friendly!
I joined this guild at the end of the last league. It's my first guild since I was a new player and was accepted and not ridiculed for being a "noob".

They're a very helpful bunch and are quick to answer questions and show you how to do something. I've learned a lot being here and couldn't ask for a better place to be a member.

You won't be disappointed if you decide to join.
Still more slots available for new members!
IGN: Frodester /// or IGN Frodoomer

Just looking for a group to share crafts and stuff with. Pretty active and chill. Not new to the game but new to the end game :)
Looking for some mentoring and maybe some camaraderie
✪ NAME(IGN): ToNameOrNotToName
✪ What you hope to get out of the guild: Just hang out, meet some people to play with and learn more about the league mechanics
✪ NAME(IGN): Basand
✪ What you hope to get out of the guild:
Hoping to find a group of players to play with. I joined a guild back in 2016 when I played and then quit not long after. (only hit lvl 59)

I came back a couple weeks ago and have been loving it and plan to stay for a while. The guild from years ago has 1 active person in it and that's it.

So I am in my 80s now and have yet to interact with the community other than trading and looking for something with a bit more... community... to it.

Let me know. I use discord, as well.
✪ NAME(IGN): Awwshitherewegoagainhar
✪ What you hope to get out of the guild:
Looking for a community to hang out / group play if there is any.

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