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IGN: TemuyinNC
What you hope to get out of the guild: Just a cool place to hang out, cooperate with other players and learn from each other.

I would like to be in a guild that will game with me in a group so I can learn more about the game.
What you hope to get out of the guild: Been playing for 3 leagues now so know decent amount about the game, want a group of people that I can do really high end farming with and build currency as group since I haven't been able to get to that state myself.
New to the game, looking for some friends and people who can guide me through the game while having a lot of fun.
IGN eriataerka
never been in a guild in this game and want to play wih people..

Just looking to try a guild out in this game. Have some people to talk to and learn with. Also the U.S. hours caught my eye :)
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I started playing back during breach, after reaching maps I kinda quit. I don't remember anything about what I did or how I was successful and would like to learn how to actually reach endgame this league.

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