Path of Exile: Delirium Launches Soon

allunka wrote:
Just asking if i download the torrent version, and copy it. I will still need update something ?

It will have to download something, but that 'day 0 patch' will be way smaller than the league update.

As there likely will be hotfix patches in the first few days. That's just how it is.

Can you post the checksum of your cpntent.ggpk from the torrent?
Noone answered to my question yet, and in half an hour the website will go down for the update.
edit: someone did answer as i wrote the post, so nvm. thanks
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Sonidox wrote:
Zarganza wrote:
Can someone please post the checksum of the file(s) from the torrent?
SHA-1 should be fine.

I cant use torrents here and want to check if my downloaded file is correct.


5.x h until start :)

already deleted archive, but unziped Content.ggpk hashes

CRC32: B14130AB
MD5: E8B5BA5314EA8356C9726911992C0DA5
SHA-1: 908661AC3C815E82CBBA9A9F481B20CBFAFDA799

Same SHA-1 on my download (strongest one, didnt check the others), so it's valid.

Thank you very much.

have fun
and gogo new league Delirium
oof my body isnt ready
i should write something here.
HYPE !!! :)
how about a new mtx ,helmet fog lights attachment 😏
Updating 10 GB in 2 minutes, must be nice :wink:
First time playing a league start here (props to social distancing). How does queuing work once you've updated? Do we all just try to log in at the stroke of 8GMT, or can we start queuing earlier?

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