[3.12]CoC Poet's Pen Blade Fall/Blade Blast |League start to All content down |16M+ Dps fast clear

imRadial wrote:
Astarift wrote:
Hi i am about to start this i have 2 poet pen's i looked at levelling section i dnt see any gems to use while levelling i am new to this type of build do you have any recommendations thanks :)

Hi, if you are looking to level using poet's pen, i would suggest running
Arc - ele focus - increased crit/controlled destruction
Wave of conviction - added lightning damage - phys to lightning

This pretty much will carry you easily from act 1-10. You can swap into bladefall/blast anytime you want once you get them

Run barrage - faster attack for leveling, if you have a 6 link, just replace concentrated effect with increased critical strikes

Leveling with poet's pen we bascially do what we do for the whole game, attack with barrage, dodge stuff with dash/flame dash. Watch the spells vommit into the enemies

Is this enough to carry us for bossing too during leveling?

Boss damage seems weak with this setup. Burns through mobs but it tickles the bosses.
imRadial wrote:

Boss damage seems weak with this setup. Burns through mobs but it tickles the bosses.

Yes, arc/wave of conviction is made more towards a faster clear so you could rush to maps asap. We use blade fall/blast because there is a good balance between clear and single target
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Astarift wrote:
Hi ! just started the build yesterday and im liking it a lot. i did a build before where i used lethal pride and i really liked that jewel.. you think it would work well with this build? since it can give you crit life and double damage?

Lethal pride will not work here, because we have to give up militant faith which provides us with inner conviction(21% more spell damage, this is a multiplicative modifier)

You can only run 1 timeless jewel per character on your skill tree

Oh right didn't see the militant faith.. at wich point in the build should we use militant faith?
Why we use pride ? Skills says nearby enemies, and we use sand to be away from mobs ? I think herald of purity would be better ?
Hey there - started using the build this morning; will post thoughts at later date. Question for the moment though: Why do you take Pain Attunement? Since you are not constantly low health, isn't this a waste of a point? Thoughts appreciated and thanks for the guide!
Can you help me about the attack speed?

Currently its 3.79 at hideout.

Got 27% cooldown rec. speed in total.

how much AS should i aim ?
Quick question regards to CoC proc rate and barrage. Assuming you do have 100% hit and Crit rate, does each hit in barrage's sequence at 100% for both proc CoC or Awakened CoC? If so, then maybe adding volley fire jewel would be useful as it adds 6 additional projectiles for Barrage.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dZAE0YgNyQ my video (clear test on phoenix)

to hiner: you put timless jewel near so it change to inner convction
Hi am new to your build and I am already at level 40. Been looking at your PoB on current setup. I was wondering since I saw your Chest armour with Blade fall + awakened spell cascade + concencrated effect. Also your weapon says BF + Awakened Spell cascade + CE. My question is, do I need to get TWO awakened spell cascade gems?

Almost all of the Awakened Spell Cascade gems for sell have 20% quality (you mentioned they shoudn't have quality) and are around 14e atm if that makes two of them that is 30 exalt almost in gems alone. Just was wondering before I go into a crusade on leveling this build and find out I cant even down a boss without them. Thanks again and really fun build so far, even leveling ;)
I'm just so squishy, I'm dying a lot in tier 12/13 maps I just get popped. I'm really trying to increase my defense, I have all the cluster jewels every life node I can get, I don't have watchers eye yet though.

Heres what I'm working with so far

I have 5.5k hp with like 14k evasion with jade flask up, I'm not using diamond flask cus my crit is already 96% fully buffed.

Just don't know what else to do... my gear is no where near perfect but feel like I should be able to do t10-13 maybe, idk.

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