Update on Delirium Server Status

I was on long enough to get my butt kicked by the first Mirror! :P

Hope to get back on soon!
Good luck! I hope server stability happens soon!
At the same time, I keep running into the same problem with making it into the game. I keep getting unexpected disconnections at least once or twice per login normally. Though that feeling of waiting 15 minutes in a queue only to not connect to the game and getting thrown back into a pool of 10k+ people, makes me think nothing has changed.

New feelings... getting booted from the queue when you are so close... like sub 1k then going back to a 200k wait.
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This has been a horrid launch for me.
Guess I just got lucky with other ones....
Is there a way to turn off the toasts in chat?
Seeing someone that's 40 levels above you while you dc and client crashes every 5-10 minutes gets pretty old fast.
Love you guys!! Keep it up
Thanks for the update! =)

Thanks for all you do! =)
thanks for the update. You guys are the best!!!!
So is it the large number of people or the DDOS that keeps knocking me off the game? Ive been constantly getting the boot from the servers since the league went up and its getting frustrating to say the least. Im patient though and I understand what you guys are up against. Keep up the good work.
Well you know people ain't going out cause of something going on so yeah there was probably some swelled login numbers can't really blame them.
yo chris i would love you to pop into global once
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