Update on Delirium Server Status

Could have, should have left out the DDoS part. Every single game that has server issues claims this these days; although probably true, I feel it's better to not mention it.

Hope to see a working game soon, as I obviously have enough time to waste typing here, rather than playing. ;) Best of luck combating, and fixing the issues.
Guys I think they're telling the truth about the DDoS.

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Bi0B00st wrote:
Literally the same garbage every league. Crashes, lag, and overall just unstable service. I've spent a fair amount of money on this game. I don't think it's too much to ask to have a playable fuckin' game at this point. How many times has GGG done this.... Everyone else logged in get's to play, and progress while the rest of us sit idle and fall behind. totally unfair. I work full-time like many other patrons. This is how how I choose to spend my little free time. Can't even play the game... truly disappointing.

Did you even read what Chris said? Yikes! You are actually blaming them for a DDOS?

/hugs to the team :)
thank for being transparent and communating real facts/issues . A big majority of other compagny only wants to cash in and let us in total darkness . I hope ill stay connected to reach first town lol
That's a lot of players if the steam/non-steam ratio is the same as it usually is. Hopefully the "works on my machine" people can STFU now that the issues have been acknowledged.
Who said "Wolcen"?
Last league was same excuse DDOS attack and the que does't effect the in-game issues of getting DQ'ed still happening all the time. Would at least like to get out of F$%#%%^ act 1.

"We planned as best we could, we're doing whatever we can, also not taking away from the important bug fixing"

Can't really ask for more.

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This is why I never take off work the day things come out.
Also everyone hugging now has Corona Virus debuff! (joke)

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