The Thaumaturgy Mystery Box

gonna pass on these, not my thing.
All I know is that I know nothing.
This is probably the best combined set yet. I NEED IT, lol.
Looks great!

Much better than that goofy clown ****

Thank You GGG!

That Dogo is ADORABLE!
"I didn't know we were making a pants simulator." - Chris Wilson
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Looks great, as usual! And fantastic soundtrack, as usual.

I have only one piece of feedback: 3/4 of the available mtx for this league are gold/yellow (2 supporter packs for Delirium/1 of 2 mystery box armour sets). Not a big fan of gold/yellow myself (read:irrational strong aversion), and as such couldn't bring myself to buy the uje $60 pack. I'll still get some boxes, and the wee pack to support GGG, just was hoping for a different palette :P
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raise zombie effect??? after you nerfed it to the ground??? no thanks. hard pass
On the fence for playing this league, but the white rats may have tipped the balance for at least a few zones.
my poor wallet can't handle much more of this...

and those goddamn zombies are awesome too...

time to find a new job
With most of previous mystery boxes including some polished shiny nonsense, I've allmost lost my faith in GGG artists. But now. Wow. It just awesome. Grim and messy, brutal mtx with cool effects. Waited for stuff like this so long... Thanks! Now I'm one step closer to selling my kidney! Keep it up!
Also, for next mystery box can we get some shadow themed ones? Just exactly Shadow, without neon lights and loud annoying pets? Stealthy one.
Really love it. I made an agreement with myself not to buy anymore because I have bought enough over the years. But GGG is making this really hard for me. Nice pieace of work GGG.
Dreschau wrote:
Looks like a bunch of reskined and reused assets. Not seeing much special here. I do like the combined items set and the floating pet.

Yup. I feel the same here. I’m even less impressed with this than the Polaris. :(
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