The Thaumaturgy Mystery Box

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I really dig many of these MTX, especially the portals, pets and combined stuff. I just don#t feel like buying a pack currently and of course the mystery box gambling itself. :/
Hopefully next league will be great and I can ponder what of the 250+€ (combined from the pack) cosmetics I want to pick.

MTX stuff I'd like to see:
-A VIP club with a monthly fee and regular MTX that are "worth" more than the fee but you aren't choosing them. Something like 8€ per month for an armor set every three months and pets/Back attachments/Portals in between and lesser MTX thrown in throughout. Most from the current store inventory but an occasional VIP only one, even if it's just a pallet swap.
-A Mystery box that contains a non duplicate MTX from the whole store that goes up in cost depending on how much of the store inventory you already own.
... is not a troll
Wow, whit the Twisted Project style you finally hit exactly my taste. Dark, eldritch alchemy/magic. ❤️

Only sad thing is that the combined stuff isn't purple, would fit better than the red.
It used to be more elegant and simple. Now it looks too cluttered and bizarre.
The only part that I like is that Science Dog. And its just a simple pet in glasses and shirt.

Simplicity = Beauty.
Put on your red shoes and dance the blues.
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Lupus_Sativus wrote:
was this... meant for metamorph but, like, someone mismanaged the project?

This was my first thought upon seeing these.

They're well done but not really my cup of tea other than a few pieces. I'll just wait for the stuff I want to hit the shop (and be on sale).
That skull pet looks so much like a servo skull I need it!!!!
Not really my cup of tea, either.

I'm waiting since few mystery boxes for a good old warrior/barbarian box. All of them recently are either some silly clowns or like this one, some steam-punk-esque mashup, polaris was also just some chromatic angel-things.

I really wish GGG would explore some high fantasy or just regular martial arts theme for one of their boxes.

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