<Currently Online> LFM!!!!

Currently Online is a full-fledged gaming community, with deep roots in several games!

We're currently continuing to expand our gaming community, and bring more members into our ranks! If you're looking for a one stop community to play all of your favorite games with, look no further; CO offers a wide variety of fun games and clans for other MMOs, just stop in and see for yourself!

Delirium is our first official league as a guild and we are looking to expand!

How do I join? Are there any requirements?

There are no requirements to join, other than being a fun person to hang out with! Our community has some listed rules on our website, but it's mostly common sense stuff!

Once you're in our Discord, you're a member of our community, simple as that! Start in #Welcome and follow the directions there to unlock all our discord has to offer!


What's so special about Currently Online? What do you do as a community?

CO isn't just another guild or clan! We have regular organized events, a full staff of officers dedicated to activities and events for several games, and an active player-base that will always give you someone to play with!

We formed a PoE fuild during the Metamorph league and continue to look for laid back, fun loving and dedicated players of all skill levels for our guild. We work to provide an environment for people to make friends with guildies that are interested in playing the content that *you* want to play! We have members from NA, Asia and EU and welcome all comers!

We always encourage members of our community to engage with all of the wonderful games and events we have available. Currently Online has everything from a WoW guild, an active D3 clan, an FFXIV free company, several roles for fun games (no clan/guild needed), to everything in between. We even do regular drinking nights and holiday parties, if that's your thing!

Where can I get more information?

Feel free to drop us a comment here on the thread and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Otherwise, check out our website at CurrentlyOnline.org , join our Discord (Https://discord.gg/currentlyonline)or shoot an officer a whisper for any detailed questions you may have. (IGNs are in the next section)


Dude I'm in how can I get an invite?!!??

1. Shoot me a pm here with your IGN. We try to check our messages several times daily and will get to you asap.
2. Join our partnered discord, follow the orientation instruction concerning roles and then drop a line in #poe-chat with a ping for @Sahtee, @enkerman, @hardweld, @Mixii @domosenpai or @timlavigne. The url is https://discord.gg/currentlyonline This would be your more reliable method, the officers are almost always lurking about.
3. Send me an @ in game. I am usually on my main for this season IGN: _Sahtee_
4. Send an @ to one of our other officers! IGNs: Mixxir, IbringCircles, Timlavigne, Ieti, Hardweld, IceyWaifu


I really don't want to join a guild but I'd love to hang out!

If you already have a guild you don't want to leave or just aren't a guild kind of person you are still welcome to join our discord community to team up with us in POE or the other games we feature! See you on the Atlas!!!
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back to the top with ye!!
10 more membership slots added! Hope to see you on the atlas soon.
We have expanded our officer roster! If you would like an invite feel free to message me here (I check messages several times a day, or message one of our officers!

Officer In Game Names:

Ibringcircles or Onepunchraiders

Good luck with your maps Exiles!!

We just added another 20 member slots bring us up to a total 100!
Still looking for more to come have fun with us!
Now up to 110 members slots! If you are looking for a guild hit us up!
Still recruiting and looking to fill our member slots!

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