How the Delirium Launch Went

i actually really like this league :>
I know I'm gonna get flamed for this, but I don't really understand why everyone is complaining.

Sure there were a few issues at league start, like not being able to enter a new zone (had to spam every door 100 times to go to next area), but all in all the league is great and I'm having fun. I managed to play all though the campaign during league start with only one crash.

The fact that GGG managed to pull off this launch in the midst of a DDOS attack is not bad. Several hotfixes out just during the weekend is just as good.

Sure the league needs a few improvements here and there, but I appreciate them working their asses off during weekend to give us something to do in the midst of a world wide virus pandemic :P
You should have given them the redmane treatment.. Make a statement!
You should have given them the redmane treatment.. Make a statement!
You should have given them the redmane treatment.. Make a statement!
Osarna wrote:
You say you are listening to feedback but you clearly are not.

Time and time again we have raised the issue of visual clutter, one shots, exploding corpses and visuals that kill out FPS yet EVERY league you continue to disregard our issues and implement them.

How about you actually address why you keep putting these things in every league and totally disregarding our feedback?

Who is "we"?

I am sure that a number have issues, sure, but then a number do not. So please avoid using "we"... Worst case scenario just say "many of us".

I love the visual clutter. This league is so much fun its insane, I havent had this much fun in a league in ages. And my FPS work fine with high visual options as well. If you cannot run the game as it should be run, try to reduce the graphics, turn dynamic resolution scale on and set your preferred fps target, and lastly, do not ask a game to become even uglier, simpler, less fun, and possibly slower too, in other words, change the whole game from what it is to something it is not, just because you can't run it.

If they keep adding these things, take a hint, they are probably part of the game mentality and will stay there. Stop going on a roller-coaster and asking it to be a race track and vise versa.

ps, there are numerous visual upgrades to the game too this league as well, clearer visuals on stages, effects, etc. I find this league to be actually clearer still than last one. Even simple things that people completely neglect, like the new ice nova look. Much smoother without all that grain in it, makes everything clearer. The visual changes are numerous, and it baffles me when people don't notice them. Even lighting and volumetric effects this time around look better. Even simple things if you are looking for them, like how clear the area around Sin is before you enter the portals to the three bosses... Its everywhere. not everything, and it can be missed if not looking for it. but there are improvements all over the place.
This league is suck LOL
I like the way of thinking for the league.
I stopped playing the portals, since they always make FPS drops and instant deaths - there's no fun in that.
If you can fix this i'll start to play them again :).
i am trying SOOOOOO HARRRRDDDD to like STORMBIND. but it is way too slow and sucks that its a 2-button skill. i feel like im playing ed contagion without one of the skills doing any damage. i feel like im simply channeling temporal chains then casting a weak bladeblast, cuz essentially that is what im doing. lol. i like the league so far, but please just make the runes explode when you stop channeling and get rid of the "utility" that the screen-wide runes provide.
I will try to be concise and to the point:

- I am playing the game on a i5 2500k and Nvidia 960 gtx 4GB. My overall experience past around league 3.6 is very poor in terms of sudden fps drops and stuttering.
- This is especially prominent for any Legion, Breach, Blight or Delirium encounter, very much so when any of these are going on at the same time.

- I have tested playing PoE using the Nvidia service GeForce now, they employ powerful machines with Tesla p40 GPU-s which, I believe, are very high-end.
- The experience is overall much better, but is STILL showing stuttering and mini-freezes during any of the above encounters, especially Delirium.
- This is, to me, a clear indication that the graphic engine in PoE is not optimized to handle all of this at the same time.

All in all I can conclude the following:

- PoE has too many things going on at the same time for the graphic engine / servers to process normally.
- The monster abilities, especially in Delirium, are not intuitive, it mostly looks like a bunch of "rays" or "projectiles" flying around everywhere, with no clear indication where they will land or how to avoid them.
- Considering that the game is very "fast" in terms of gameplay, movement speed, abilities, etc. it seems that adding additional things that impact that gameplay is just "spilling an already full cup".

Finally what I would do if I were GGG:

- Reduce the number of things that can go off simultaneously. For example, you cannot have a legion, breach and delirium at the same time.
- If that is not possible, greatly reduce the computation and graphic fidelity when more things are happening on the screen, but not through dynamic resolution, but with analyzing which monsters or effects have the greatest impact on performance and solve it.
- When creating monsters and abilities, try no to go for "flashy animations" or abilities that do so much damage, because this is not aligned with the fast gameplay available.
Still no fix on the dual-wield/block bug???
Would love to play delirium...but I cant get into any server (Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Milan, London). Stuck at loading to Forest encampment, some times i make it into the game and disconnect instantly. Currently trying since 30 minutes without success.

No trouble with other internet based stuff, any ideas how to fix this?
Skimming over the posts in this thread I am glad I don't play Delirium, because I didn't want to start from 0 :D

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