How the Delirium Launch Went

I'm loving delerum.............. from standard lulz
Formally [Removed by Support] as my STANDARD map stash got frakked
It's interesting to see the same design principles that are being rejected by playerbase to persistently coming back. Devs know better ;).

I play the game since Harbinger, so kind of halfway but every league there are the same design problems: no auto pickup (usually added after outcry in 1st or 2nd patch), zoom zooming, balancing etc.

What is on top of the list for me is design direction to create tension between risk and reward.

While I understand that, I think that execution is wanting.

In its essence, it's the same as it was in Synthesis, for example. A timer, kill as much as possible, increasing difficulty. But even Synthesis had loot autobomb missing so sorely in Delirium.

Loot dropping in the middle of play forcing player to choose between progress or backtracking later directly violates core game pillar of the league. It's just does not make any sense, I cannot see why it's coming back.

I do enjoy harder game but that's just because I already learnt to create tanky builds. My enjoyment will probably end once I'll get to maps and run into all these lags and fps problems.

Playing high-damage glass cannon must be very frustrating this league.
So have to wait until the 18th for bug fixes? That's disappointing.
I am seeing a lot of cry babies

So right. And it should give GGG some serious thoughts.
Normally it is 80% / 20% complaints.
This league 20% / 80% complaints. Maybe even more.
So who should they listen to? You have 3 guesses :-)
Stop releasing Leagues with Balance issues!!!! This affect HUGELY the game player retention.... and make you guys lose a lot of money from supporter packs.. because people that quit don't buy supporter packs!!! Where is Chris Wilson? Why did he stop Developing??? When he was coding the leagues this unbalance stuff didn't happen!!!!! wadafaaaaaq!! Chrisssss Save ussss!! Save Hardcore Community!!! Before its too lateeeeeee!
Great league probably the best since breach.

One of the worst leagues Ive played in recent times was legion and it was because the game mechanic was clunky and didn't flow. Delerium is miles ahead of this but it does feel painful having to stop to loot while delerium is on. Can you please fix deleriums loot dropping so it isn't a balance of losing time retracing for loot or pushing through to maximise the league mechanic. Speak to Alva about she may have some suggestions 😅.
Really a DDOS attack that only happened during launch day and never happens any other time.
Osarna wrote:
You say you are listening to feedback but you clearly are not.

Time and time again we have raised the issue of visual clutter, one shots, exploding corpses and visuals that kill out FPS yet EVERY league you continue to disregard our issues and implement them.

How about you actually address why you keep putting these things in every league and totally disregarding our feedback?

Complaining about minor issues in an optional event that's been live for maybe three days within a game that no one is forcing you to play is peak beta male. Babies going to cry when their diapers are dirty and they need their mommies, I guess. Maybe take your thumbs out of your mouths and play with two hands and you wouldn't get one-shot so often.
Y1kes wrote:
I know I'm gonna get flamed for this, but I don't really understand why everyone is complaining.

Sure there were a few issues at league start, like not being able to enter a new zone (had to spam every door 100 times to go to next area), but all in all the league is great and I'm having fun. I managed to play all though the campaign during league start with only one crash.

The fact that GGG managed to pull off this launch in the midst of a DDOS attack is not bad. Several hotfixes out just during the weekend is just as good.

Sure the league needs a few improvements here and there, but I appreciate them working their asses off during weekend to give us something to do in the midst of a world wide virus pandemic :P

> is playing necromancer
> "I dont know why everyone has problems"
> ...

im leveling one myself and of course you dont find much issues ...jesus

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