How the Delirium Launch Went

No patch have PS4 pls true patch say PS 4 update delirium patch :(
lmao, you really didn`t get it, did you? this was never about some issues, the fixes or the feedback. this was about making sure we know about the release of 'Thaumaturgy Mystery Box with 38 new microtransactions', information that actually helps no1 and has no impact in fixing the many lag/league mechanic issues that we experience at the start of every league.
Getting extremely triggered with splinters pickups, for the most part of loot/lesser worth currency, no big deal if you skip and forget to pick them up anyway, but since to challenge simulacrum and some other portal build-up based encounters I have to pick up so many splinters. Even with multiple premium stash tabs micromanaging it's still so much effort to keep it all organized (overall) even though I consider PoE solid and one best APRG around it still has same inconveniences each year/league I revisit, the sheer cluster of crap that you wanna pick up (but can skip) just really gets tedious and boring, I literally quit Legion league, because I couldn't bear to keep picking up splinters, Metamorph was only League I actually enjoyed (after they made organs auto-pickup).

At very least make some items that can be crafted as league proceeds that build up solid QoL functions, when I consider Diablo 3 fun for barely week in seasons, PoE really stretches at best 2 weeks, then I just get bored because of those QoL improvements that are severely lacking, I feel like a goddamn janitor picking up trash when all I wanna do is just speed through and keep the momentum and flow.

Also, after test running Harbor Bridge 20 times vs. 20 t16 moderate to high juice, Harbor Bridge won currency by a mile and the fact you can simply re-enter to get the right rewards while on high tier map you are stuck with those awful rewards types. I average around 4-5 scale main reward types on t16 maps, sometimes 5x currency is 2x fuses/3x chromatics, while Harbor Bridge at 10x Currency scale is easily 2/3+ chaos and god knows what more.

Delirium is easily absolutely the most boring league and definitely absolute rock bottom of rewarding, if I didn't wanna complete atlas fully, I would have quit this league already.

Oh wait there's more, who came up with idea to create worst possible layouts to Simulcrum Events? Literally putting 100 of mobs into tight-packed corners/narrow areas who can do so much AoE effects. You should at least be able to choose your arena or shift it with currency.

I almost wish I had gone to play week of D3 and know for fact I'd get fun out of it, then play this clusterf of league.

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