How the Delirium Launch Went

I appreciate the hard work you guys have put into the league.

However, this league mechanic is not hardcore friendly at all. The burst damage, random mobs spawning everywhere, debufs being applied and general inability to see what coming at you is quite frustrating. I rarely post comments, but I wanted to give my feedback.

I feel like I literally cannot do the league mechanic in most cases, and that sucks. I haven't ever felt that in a league before. If you can smooth out the damage a little, or at least things more available or easier to see then it would improve the league tremendously.
For some weird reason this league I have +50ms to what's my normal latency, playing on the same gateway as always, what gives?
Just wanted to say I've been having a blast since launch. Had a lot of lag and disconnects for the first few hours, but it's been pretty smooth today. Can't please everyone but I'm really enjoying the challenging content and the rewards. Don't nerf things too hard!
I don't know what else is going on but even outside the deliriums this is the rippiest league I have ever seen. It even feels like leech and flasks are ticking slower.

It's never a good sign when I'm actively avoiding the league mechanic. When you get that rare map or currency delirium it's great, but mostly it's "oh, another crappy armor or jewelry one" and I just immediately hit the end button because why bother?

Every league launches with issues but wtf guys. At least when Metamorph was janky we could still kill stuff but the ramp on the difficulty of the delirium feels so severe so fast. Especially when leveling characters up I don't want to ever touch them because it's a one way ticket to RIP town.
I hope that when the world comes to an end I can breathe a sigh of relief; because there will be so much to look forward to.
Boring League. The reward for clearing map is Rare armor x5? Garbage..
Legion and Metamorph gave us the ability to choose the reward and difficulty. Why is everything so primitive and stingy in this League?

raise 300 rice to see the boss? And there is no autopickup?

Why did you add in currency stash slots for new exalted orbs? They are too rare. But there is no slot for oils and new fragments, which are very many. Where is the logic?..
🟥🟥🟥🟥 жи есть Беларусь
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I can't pick up my drop with so many one shots, I have to walk the map twice to pick up the drop.
THE MAP CONVERSION SUCKS an so do the drops in the maps I got 17 overgrown ruin but no T14 that you must not want us to get ? This SUCkS !!!
We all already know that "feedback" means just another list of things not to read or care.

This league has Every. Single. Problems that last few leagues had...!
If you all cared enough shouldn't even released such craplord crapstuff.
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launch went good, alot of my old friends came for leagye start (5) did run together
but why the FUCK do you gave me a half year chat ban ? oO
you are insane
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I really hope you guys will start to focus not on content quantity, but on overall quality and QoL improvements.
Why every single league you don't update PAID currency/fragments stash tabs to place all the new stuff in one place. Now you have to hoard them in random tabs and it's just too time consuming and inconvenient. We don't even have a dedicated place for Catalysts/Oils...

Last league only Sirus fight had big freeze-lag and frame rate issues on his DIE-beam.

Now the screen freezes/stutters/lags when you do: Legion encounter, Metamorphs, Breaches, Delirium, Conqueror influence maps... fps drops from 90+ to 15 in a second.
And when you hit Delirium mirror, after a few moments a Conqueror influence spawns and his minions begin to appear AND you walk through a breach without even noticing it, because the screen is full of monsters, everything is grey and everything freezes for a second every 2 seconds - you are dead. How this even got through testing? Or you guys just "test" new content in Campaign mode on Act 1 only? If you test at all.

The performance is atrocious and the game is unplayable in end-game. Zero fun this league.
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