How the Delirium Launch Went

Osarna wrote:
You say you are listening to feedback but you clearly are not.

Time and time again we have raised the issue of visual clutter, one shots, exploding corpses and visuals that kill out FPS yet EVERY league you continue to disregard our issues and implement them.

How about you actually address why you keep putting these things in every league and totally disregarding our feedback?

Thanks for the hard work, but very much this ^

Il n’y a pas de soleil sans ombre, et il faut connaître la nuit.
Wait, there is a delirium spawn somewhere? And you can do something specific and non chaotic inside teh encounter to spawn miniboss or something?
And and and there is a switch of button somewhere to close the the encounter instantly, without waiting for timer to expire or run screaming to supposedly fog edge?

Hmm, this is new... couldnt tell any of this from playing the game 0 to 74 lvl.

Disclaimer: aint read any reddit, didnt watched any youtube or streamer, just plain old playing the league.
Maybe thats not how is meant to be played. O.o
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this is my favorite league by far so far and im gonna enjoy every second of it before you nerf the rips

10/10 good league ty
I like the mechanic of delirium just wish you guys checked parameters as far as life and damage goes in the early game (during the acts) cuz i've been one shot from even white mobs
amazing job, wish more gaming companies were like you :)
all the delirium mobs have off-screen skills, and when they die, they release so many one-shot skills, the fog and mob's colour make it so hard to see their skills, the prize after clearing delirium is not worth trying, beyond + delirium + conqueror is a graphic-card-destroyer combo, not to mention syndicate, etc... FIX IT
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rewards are trash
grey on grey on grey is trash
on death mechanics are trash
risk for trash is trash
change to 300 splinters for simulacrum is trash
unique boss that spawns in delirium is trash
died more times leveling to maps than leveling to 100 in metamorph, trash
"interaction" with other league content is trash

preferred map is GOOD!
Life will be technically better Soon TM
I'll be honest, I was super stoked for this league. But it in all honesty has been a HUGE HUGE let down.

Between the instant rips and one shots to the lack of rewards for doing the Deliriums, it's just plain not fun at the moment. I can't believe that the majority of the community finds this at all fun. I can imagine HC players are mostly pissed by all the one shots going on in the league that you can't even tell or what the hell happened.

I think most of the issues are already covered in this thread, so please fix the league ASAP, this is just plain unfun and painful right now.
literally everyone ever: "can we have visual clarity?"
game devs: releases even more graphically and processor intensive content because they assume everyone has high end everything
literally everyone ever: "wow you guys don't understand what the hell to do, do you?"
game devs: shocked pikachu face
never mind the crashes, FPS dips, overall lack of visual fidelity or clarity, or avoiding one shots which are reviled in pretty much any game that isn't doom 2
but no. lets push games to require even MORE tech
"everyone has phones, right?"
"everyone has tons of spare cash lying around to just throw at an ever increasing monetary barrier of entry?"

nobody WANTS to be just blatantly bitter or anything at this game, but please, consider that there may be issues with how you implement things.

for instance, instead of just everything being grey-scale, instead how about most everything is grey-scale, but items/enemies that are important to trigger/see be over-saturated instead
this launch as been bug-free for me so far, but i have no idea what is going on in the fog. how do i maximize my return? why does it only drop crap? how many 300 fragment emblems will i be able to put together and then fail due to an instance crash?

most importantly though: STOP with the monochromatic content design and fix the visual clutter and overload. if you have herald explosions, conqueror influence and delirium on top, i found myself just shaking my head instead of being excited. i can't imagine playing this on a fully juiced map.

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