How the Delirium Launch Went

Oh so you listen to feedback now?

How about you unfuck summoner then? How about you put the str stat back on the baron helmet since it wasn't mentioned in the patch notes?
I have to agree with many post here that the Delerium encouters are waaay to powerful with lots of stuff going on that isnt telegraphed. And even if it is the screen is covered with a mist and Everything is in sepia so you can't see shit. When combinded with a map that has a conquror event spawn... damn thats hard!

I can't even immagine what it's like for new players or causal gamers that aren't that Heavy into builds etc.
I don't know if this was mentioned already, but please make it so the delirium loot doesn't drop automatically when the encounter is over and give us the option to click that icon, for example, so we don't have to go back and look for the loot.

Thank you!
smooth...we are listening...stop this,ok?? Ur game is unplayable, no optimization, no server stability, fps drops are awful.
Melanholic7 wrote:
smooth...we are listening...stop this,ok?? Ur game is unplayable, no optimization, no server stability, fps drops are awful.

get an actual PC. I'm playing on three years old midrange PC and have almost no issues. Certainly none related to performance.
FPS issues ==> I don't have a warmachine computer, used to be running at stable 40 FPS, and sometimes I was going down to 20 with dynamic graphics ON at that moment (during 3.9). Now, with this 3.10, I'm always at 20 FPS and the dynamic graphics are ALWAYS ON ! So my game is a maelstrom of pixels.........Please fix this, I don't care about the gameplay at this point...I may be nostalgic, but I don't want to play Diablo 1 in 2020...
I am not sure why so many people are so bothered with the new difficulty of the game. Everything is good and well for me and my character. On a related note: try Caustic Arrow Trickster. It's the bomb!
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it went exactly like warcraft reforged like every league..

not enough testing, players have to alpha test for the next 30 days.. if they want to somehow enjoy the league.

"this is a buff."
Turning players into payers.

Imagine making excuses for a billion dollar company that will never recognize you as anything else but a future open wallet.

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Johnny21 wrote:
Dear GGG,

I love your game and I will keep playing, supporting and hopefully enjoying it but I honestly don't know what to do or how to act at this point.
The screen freezes and fps drops during delirium encounters and even the tiny ones outside of delirium while encountering a bigger pack of monsters or activating legion encounters have made the game unplayable for me.

I love the idea behind the league and would love to continue to play but I honestly can't. Please for the love of god fix the screen freezing and fps drops.

I have a powerful system and I can run any game on the market in 4k resolution, I've ran multiple benchmarks to test my ram, cpu and my gpu to make sure the problem is not on my end.

Words can't espress how sad I am, I'm not the person to play a game if it has permanent stuttering and performance problems at this degree, please don't get me wrong.

I can only agree on this. My fps this league jumps from 60 to 10 when encountering begger packs. I have also tested my end and it is only this game that have these fps drops... I did not have these fps drops in metamorph.

It is unplayable for me, so I am playing this game to a minimum until there have been some performance fixes! Hopefully it will not take too long.

It might be important to note that I am running with two GPUs, but I run the game with the high performance one. My two GPUs (Intel UHD 630 & NVIDIA Quadro P4200).
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The delirium monsters are too fast even with maps without mods.
I get one shot consistently by shit i can't see with full resists and
4.5K life on tier 3-4 maps.
This isn't fun and very frustrating.

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