The Delirium Brimmed Hat and the Ghostflame Kinetic Bolt

Why is the ignite orange?
These are the things we lost in the fire.
that's a cool hat :)
This is kind of ridiculous haha. BUT the prospect of headcrabs is nice.
Nice hat, but it ain't brimmed at all. I get that you call it that because it's part of a unique league tied line, but might be confusing to some.
Nice mtx.

Totems don't have 3D Hand of Wisdom and very few damage bug.
look like totems unarmed sure bug very few dmg.
Please fast fix patch, thx you!
Damn had my fingers crossed for Automaton

Been enjoying the skill immensely
Path of Exile is not a game. It's an occupation for a fortunate few.

Path of Exile is life, just ask my Ex-Wife
Kinetic Avada Kedavra bolt and a shiny bicycle helmet. Nice.

RIP Bolt before it even took off.
Half Life 3 confirmed
for new skills u have enough time to make MTX but what is with Wild Strike ...... wild strike was added in path 2.0 that was July 10, 2015 and it has ZERO fcking ZERO MTX

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