The Delirium Brimmed Hat and the Ghostflame Kinetic Bolt

Oh GOD! The hat! The Brim! And the brain sucking alien, what a classic. My grandfather used to make hats throughout his 50s and this is just the way he used to make them.
None of that pesky sun blinding you with this BRIMMED HAT on, that's a sure thing partner.
I 100% approve of this kinetic bolt micro. But would it be possible to create a golden version? Kinetic bolt is a 100% physical skill but has a blue projectile coming out, reminding me of lightning and for the sake of immersion, i need it not to be blue. for my current character i am playing as a chieftain and have 100% conversion to fire, this makes this micro useful, but it may also mean i need to change to ghostflame micro set. umm, oh well
I usually do not read popular posts again after i made a comment on it, unless it's one of my own. I aspire to one day have something of my own added to Path of Exile, but with no success. Big fan of the grim reaper, make a classic black robed grim reaper set plzzzz ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Archwizard wrote:
That's not exactly a brimmed hat. I hate it and think it looks out of place in that line of MTX.

Metamorph Brimmed Hat wasn't also one. More like a Globe Helmet.
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You call this a Brimmed Hat really? Looks like a alien #shit# helm too far away from POE World. Sorry but that's is what I think GGG. I think you could have done something much better with the shape of a really brimmed hat. Just lacked of imagination.
I don't know that I'd call this the worst league hat ever. I still give that distinction to the Legion Brimmed Hat. That was just plain awful. Take a battered cowboy hat and stick a lot of purple crystals on it, almost like Tiffany & Co. were trying to make a tiara out of a scale model of a '57 Chevy. Pitiful. (Amusingly enough, it doesn't even have a listing on the PoE wiki.)

The Incursion Brimmed Hat, on the other hand, is probably my favorite. That plus Seeker boots on a Templar makes it look like some old redneck done turned up on Wraeclast to kick a lil eye-yuss. The Betrayal Brimmed Hat runs it a fairly close second.

This new offering, on the other hand, looks like a basking shark decided to turn carnivore by attacking an exile's head. Silly, sure... but not as bad as some of the "brimmed" hats GGG has turned out.

I'll probably buy it just to keep the streak alive, and that's all they care about when all is said and done, now isn't it?
That Kinetic Bolt looks pretty damn good
I see the monster cap... now where is the brimmed hat?

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