Development Manifesto: Delirium Improvements

+1 for the comments questioning why the fog travels vs. just existing for the map. I think most of my issues with this mechanic is that you are constantly going outside of the way you would typically do a map. Backtracking, picking up loot, on death effects, etc.

These are all byproducts of the fact you are fighting:
1) A directional movement that is an issue depending on map
2) Rushing because you are timed.

If they remove the time and allow you to turn it off, you probably dodge all this mess.
Here is the problem

'We broke something and we don't know what'. This flies once, maybe twice.
When it happens every time shit doesn't fly. So when I finally get to Sirus and then your trash crapps the bed with freezing and lag you wasted hours of my time. So I guess what I'm saying is - fuck you.
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I love you so much :*
Monster Damage: Nerfing on a case by case basis, adjusting on-death effects and improving visuals.

I think the damage should be BIGGER, since the idea of the game is to increase the difficulty and not make it easier for PRO-STREAMERS
I doubt you will read this feedback, but here we go:

1 - You admit you don't have means to balance the game against high clear speed damage builds for the first time. And you also admit that very bad mechanics like one-shots, on-death effects and timers exist just because you have no way of balancing. So it's basically you are bad designing you game on purpose.

2 - You don't even test properly your game before release. The impression you give is that you only test the game against high end game with very expensive high end items/builds (HH for instance) and call it a day, whereas the major flaws can be seen from the very begining (first time contact with league mechanics) till the very start of eng game (mapping).

3 - Because you can't balance the game you try to punish the players for lack of awareness. Ok, but you release something 95% of the players will not see because there are no indicators, no visual, effects, etc so you just live with the "WTF just killed me?" feeling or you just skip the league alltogheter. This has been a pattern since 3.5

4 - You don't consider player feedback. Since 3.6 I ready complaints that timers are bad, no one likes them, and when we think for the first time you'll release something we don't have timers... There it is. With the changes to monster life/defenses timers were not updated nor removed.

5 - Less is more. If you just put a non-timer fog with a difficult progress bar and a "end encounter" button the league would be 90% better, but no, you have to put something that you have to halt your progress or you have no clue why your damage is not even scratching the mobs or why your HP suddenly dropped to zero.

6 - You say you want to slow players progress, yet you release leagues that encourage you having the best clearspeed and damage possible, and yet that is not effective at all, see first level 100 in 2 days.

I still want to give more feedback, but right now my stomach is aching and I can't think well.
"There's no thing like random one-shots in this game. You only die because you take 353,456,237 hits in 0.2 seconds. If your build can't survive that or a lag spike it's because you suck, period. Post your PoB so the PoE experts can analyse and help improve your build."
There are countless problems with Delerium. Countless

Currently, the rate at which that reward bar fills up is not proportional to the depth of the monsters you are fighting (monsters deeper in the mist do not fill it up faster).

And why, then, would anyone bother with the content if the risk is not balanced out by an increase in the rewards??? Totally stupid way to turn the players off of new content rather than have them engage in it.

Rather than increasing the rate at which the bar fills, just leave it more or less static, based on a metric that does not change as the content gets tougher - such as raw numbers of mobs slain or something, or a timer.
Just have the rarity and quantity tick up as the 'stages' progress.

stage 1: 10% quant, 100% rarity.
stage 5: 50% quant, 500% rarity.

This will push players to engage with the content rather than, for the most part, simply ignoring it.

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Marschiee wrote:
Great job GGG!

I am SO thankful for all the hard work you guys put into PoE. Unnrivaled really.

Also, it makes me so sad to se all the 'fans' who act so entitled and write 'fix this u mf:er' etc.

People and fellow exiles; you should be thankful for what GGG has created for us.

Thanks again and AWESOME artwork. Really, really fucking badass. Keep doing your thing.

Love from Sweden

A shit sandwich is a shit sandwich. Just because someone worked hard to make it for your doesn't mean you should be thankful, even if it's free.
Galtrovan wrote:
LegionLoverx wrote:
BicBoiii wrote:
How can you say "you want players to stop to pick up items" when you specifically design on death effects and overtune rares to 1 SHOT you when you stop moving for just a second or two...

Dear GGG, you're not making ANY sense.

Exactly what I thought :-)

Just to chime in, yes. I actually got one shot when I stopped to pick up loot, and hence, don't do that anymore, well, without first movement-skilling away, and then back to grab the drop. Kind of sucks, but dying to the mechanic stupidity is worse.

Seriously, I killed the enemies, the enemies dropped something worth picking. Let me pick up the drop without having to move around like an idiot for crying out loud.

bUT iTs SuPposSeD tO sLoW dOwN fAsT bUiLdS (even though fast builds dont pick up anything anyway lmao)
AbilityPoints wrote:
For those interested in why we use On-Death effects in content like this, it's because they are a viable way of making monsters that are killed instantly have an effect on players, and they aren't trivialised by clear-speed. Few to no other mods we can put on these monsters make any difference normally because they are eradicated by powerful builds in seconds. We're going to be toning these down, either way.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Killing players like this is having an effect it seems to be pissing them all off!

HAHAHAHAHAHHA Then everyone leaves and the game dies and your only source of enjoyment (playing and/or forum trolling) goes with it!...oh, is THAT not funny to you? Weird when the tables turn.
Marschiee wrote:
Please GGG - never cave to these 'epic-fantasy' nerds. I personally LOVE your artstyle no matter what league and if you applied mor 'color theory' (lmfao) I will feel like I'm to old to play the game and quit playing. PoE is a DARK FANTASY game and as such should not have alot of contrast and 'colors' - it should be dark, grey and menacing (just as it is). I'm 38 years old and if this game were to take a 'brighter' art direction a la Wolcen/D3 I'd have to quit because I'd be to embarrassed of myself to play it.


Get help. Seriously.

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