Development Manifesto: Delirium Improvements

At some point someone said something like "don't nerf it too much just because casuals are asking".

What the hell is wrong with being a casual these days? I have a job, I have a wife, I have a life. Excuse me for not giving 23 of my 24 hours to a game. Seriously, that is just ridiculous. It even seems GGG takes this into to account somehow and really wants you to sink in. I'd love to see some statistics surrounding casual/non-casual numbers.

I complained in the patch notes post about all of the nerfs and said this league was a skip. Got a character into maps by just ignoring Delirium mechanic from level 30 and got bored. I might as well play Standard. Granted I'm playing the most hated build (minions) but that's just my league starter. However I'm not inclined to make another one.

Then comes this Manifesto that just plainly says "Hey, we know, but we will ignore most of it, and also we don't want fast clearing but that's how it goes, kid".

In the end, it's just a game. I'll try the league for another week and if it doesn't work, I'll see you guys in a couple of months. GGG doesn't care and we shouldn't either.
SuperDrop wrote:
Players have commented that they feel that monsters become too dangerous, deep in the encounters. The monster damage bonus scales up to 30% increased at absolute most. We are reviewing all of the Delirium monsters and skills to find any that are overtuned and will be making adjustments to any that might be dealing disproportionate damage.

LOL. ggg doesnt even play theyr own game . jesus christ lol

They play, but if they test the game "internally" it means there is no proper beta-test. Other thing which cause a quality problem is a lack of time - they have fixed league releases schedule. Even if GGG perfectly knows that a new league will be a bug fest, they will release it and then they will try to fix all problems later.
Therefore GGG should consider 3 instead of 4 leagues per annum and one month before release day there should be send an invitation for beta-test to all players, and from interested ones, which would like to try a new content there should be chosen random 1000-2000 thousands to participate. One or two weeks of mass beta test will show clearly and quickly what needs to be fixed, improved and what needs to be balanced.
Unfortunately this will cause some costs and nobody likes to spend money if it is possible to avoid that. GGG would probably prefer to release even 6 leagues per annum due to this simple reason, that every new league start means returning players in a big number and this also generates more sales of their MTX. Solution is simple - instead of bloated leagues full of bugs and untested mechanics, GGG should create monthly or maybe even bi-weekly in game events (something funny and challenging), to make people to be more interested in playing on standard or late leagues (because this would also bring temporary better sales of MTX).
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reinero wrote:
Monster Damage: Nerfing on a case by case basis, adjusting on-death effects and improving visuals.

I think the damage should be BIGGER, since the idea of the game is to increase the difficulty and not make it easier for PRO-STREAMERS

God I hope you're kidding. The game is already tuned to the top 1% so you want to tune it to the top 0.1%?

This is how you kill your own the way.
fix fps drops when they spawn to much or all casting somthing...from 60 to 1 + server lags...
normal ms 30 i have but somtimes freeze nonstop until dc.
idk its normal or not but almoust alweys when thes monsters blowing up they insta killing me in low tier maps... i m res cap <not noob>
mb do somthing with thes blow ups.
its like u run map with enabled delirum mod with 60-1 fps and then u got 1 shot by whatever coz with 1ps u see nothing what happening.moustly they blow u up
Rockell wrote:
I've read a lot of comments and I am exceedingly happy none of you all are game designers.

With wildly helpful commentary like this, I hope you're not either.
This Manifesto is so bad. I am used to that leagues are playable after 1 or 2 weeks and after the "we are working on ..." i always knew, that the league will be fun. This league ist the worst since T2 Leagues and will vote with my wallet and won't buy any pack this season.

Way, too hard, no reward, backtracking outa hell and fossil nerf is just too much for me.
willianvon wrote:
HISCH wrote:

i touch Mirror => Lag => Death.

i found a way to fix that! abandon the Mirror, do not do the mirror, everything is fine then!

that is sad but i do not want to die.

P.S. i have above avrange PC setting.

by lag u mean FPS drops or internet latency problem?

Massive Fps DROP.

usally am at 40 fps in maps, 60 in HO. when i touch the Delirum, i usally drop below 20 and sometimes i have small freez of 3FPS that when i dei... now i do not do any delirum untill it is fixed. and now i have a new problem with my new char, i cant activate Blight envounters.
The game is crashing more than ever now. I've had it crash on me 3 times in the last hour ALONE. Please fix this!
i enjoyed always to play poe and i love this game , i allways played lots when a new league was coming out(always farmed hh also 100 ex + chars) but this league just feels so bad , the league mecanic keeps you one shoting and there is less to nothing you can do about it also the provided content feels very bad and boring its like nothing new to explore/learn at all , also the league mecanic its self feels 0% rewarding so i quit the league at day 3 LOL. that never happened before and its not just about crying how bad anything is here it is just a fact that i am not enjoying the game at it current state refering to league mecanic etc AT ALL. it feels 0% innovative just like they kinda reworked some other stuff in a very bad less rewarding cancerous way that keeps you getting one shotted for no reason at 0 % chance to avoid: 6k hp +cwdtsteelskin lvl20 rescapped and still getting one shoted at blue t3 map -> if thats the intention the league is designed for i rather gonna skip it instead of bothering and just playing to grind rather than havin fun , overall i have to say its by far the worst league in a long time ( i also skiped blight tho). i am realy sad about the manifesto aswell as a loving fan since years of this game and i hope they will return to something good in the future.
refering to all the comments here i am not the only one who is bored/ tiltet as fuck . rly guys LEAGUE QUIT DAY 3 NEVER HAPPEND BEFORE
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Possibly the worst league, the worst dev feedback, the most bugged league I've ever played on PoE, I hope this is not what you intent on bringing to PoE 2.0.

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