Development Manifesto: Delirium Improvements

When playing in a party, all the loot drops by a single player. Even if one player takes out the whole encounter and gets separated from the player(s) at the end of the encounter, the Delirium loot may still drop by another player.

I think there should be a way to insure that each player of a party has to be in proximity of each other for the loot drop or each party member should get a random loot item dropped near them.

Just my suggestions.

You literally make speed clearing leagues and then tell us because we speed clear you have to implement these lazily designed on death effects. Stop with timer based events and make mobs more of a challenge. Make leagues that involve varying difficulty by design not by number tweaks. 30% increased mob damage is a lot for non tanky builds on high tier maps with mods like crit multi adding to already one shot mechanics. Also buffing monsters and bosses because power creep is getting worse only segregates more players that are not able to get this powerful gear quickly. The way people are feeling is accurate to how the game is being designed. Poorly.
This is why you guys are ahead of others, good job!
Wait, are you all suggesting the whales are the speed runners GGG is trying to impress with challenges that one shot the rest of us? (Sorry, that's a recombine of a couple comments, no direct quote.)

See, this is a theory I could buy into (obviously not with money, or at least not more than the amount you can see I've already spent.)

Supposing this to be true, the question you have to ask is: is it better to cater to the current top tier players and keep your current profit stream or cater to both the middle and the top and expand revenue?

At the end of the day, this is all people who are "complaining" are really asking: GGG, will you give us a reason to give you money?

food for thought
There is a button to cancel/end Delirium? How? Where? I am blind, lol.

LOL nvm found it.....right where I never look when fighting lmao
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Fuck seak becouse DC ... i lost my orb of delirium
That league make only angry ..
I have not felt this demotivated to play since closed beta this early into a league. That manifesto is addressing the complaints but offers not nearly enough solutions.

The league is built around flawed systems from the past that were always criticized by the player base: performance issues due to chunk loading of assets on create, unavoidable screen clutter, and unavoidable backtracking. These are the issues that need to be addressed, on top come the league specific issues with lack luster endgame boss events that an average player is experiencing once a week.

I understand that most resources are currently and were devoted to PoE2, but this league should be trashed and instead you could run a legacy league event. This league will be dead in less time than Talisman.

I feel sorry for the designers that poured their hearts and souls into making this foggy adventure, but it is a shit show. Scrap it, give us all the leagues we loved and lets make way for Poe2 in style!

This should not be the league that closes out my favorite game of all time to its successor. It feels unworthy...
Git gud scrubs. didn't you know that poe is not a game for casuals? only RMT and nolifers are allowed to have fun here. who cares about buggy release or overtuned mechanics? GGG still makes money from supporter packs at the beginning of each league. they would take QUANTITY over QUALITY anytime of the day. If you don't know this by now, you are a blind fanboi.
Thanks for the updates. What I was hoping for personally is small improvements to the mirror, I have 2 issues with it.

Sometimes the way it spawns in an instance, its backed up against a wall so that it physically cant be activated facing any angle of the opposite side. So if they could be nudged just a meter from any walls that would be nice.
Also, in maps with non-linear nor open layouts such as museum, the mirror can technically spawn close on the map, but because of the dozens of rooms and how to get to it, you actually reach it by the end of the map with no mobs left.
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jimsen wrote:
unavoidable backtracking

Nobody is forcing you to run perfectly in sync with mist leaving your items behind. Pick them up, they already said the fog moves slower than intended just to compensate for this. This isnt a mechanic issue, this is a player mentality issue.
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