Development Manifesto: Delirium Improvements

This is the best league concept in years!
Keep up the good work and let's hope we'll see some improvements in town texture loading and maybe an option to ignore other players cosmetics.
Thank you!
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gibbousmoon wrote:
This is literally the first time I can ever remember seeing GGG acknowledge, publically, that they may have made mistakes regarding visibility. A regular-and-often design blunder we see from the team.

Kudos for finally acknowledging this. Took a few years, but better late than never. :D

Acknowledging it and acting/learning from it are still two separate thing though ...

HazaRdReborN wrote:
On the contrary, I am the ONLY ONE here that has given detailed description and thorough points on all my feedback. ALL OF IT.

Plenty of feedback has been given in the appropriate section.
Plenty has also been given in this very thread.

To pretend that you are the only one giving actually feedback .... it's like being blind honestly.
SSF is not and will never be a standard for balance, it is not for people entitled to getting more without trading.

ShakinGaijin : thread 2612666, Dyadus burning earthquake!RIP :(
[outdated]SweetBreaker : thread 823111 (facebreaker IB witch).
[outdated]Sunder guardian : thread 1831267 [BHC]ripped
I don't mind the visibility, I didn't mind the (pre 3.1.0D) difficulty - watch and evade, keep moving : it helps...

What I don't like is the lackluster loot: you keep running and running, the mobs get stronger and stronger and pooof: 2 useless rares or 3 Jeweler orbs O_o

At least it seems to get better from Act 6 onwards...

And: loot vacuuming would be a decent qol improvement - it worked in other leagues...
GGG you broke the game with the 3.10 patch. Had almost 0 performance issues(minor fps drops here and there) and now the game is unplayable. And I am not talking about the worst league mechanic ever(even worse than Invasion oneshots), I cant even play in standart. Did you forgot that other people than streamers with high-end pc are playing your game and didn't even test on mid-tier PC's? Are you going to fix the issue or you will just cut everyone who doesn't have GG tier computer and count just on stream revenue. This patch is probably the biggest **** up since closed beta. Let me summarize it for everybody:
nerf, nerf, nerf
buff monsters, buff bosses, because no-life streamers are getting bored(Sirius and UAtziri were too easy for them)
Add a garbage league mechanic that causes screen freezes,invisible oneshotes and invisible on-death effects with garbage reward.
Make performance 5 times worse without any visible graphical improvement.

My suggestion, delete the whole patch, reverse to 3.9 and make some 1 month legacy metamorph/legion league until you fix your stuff.
Marschiee wrote:
Redthorne82 wrote:
Marschiee wrote:
Please GGG - never cave to these 'epic-fantasy' nerds. I personally LOVE your artstyle no matter what league and if you applied mor 'color theory' (lmfao) I will feel like I'm to old to play the game and quit playing. PoE is a DARK FANTASY game and as such should not have alot of contrast and 'colors' - it should be dark, grey and menacing (just as it is). I'm 38 years old and if this game were to take a 'brighter' art direction a la Wolcen/D3 I'd have to quit because I'd be to embarrassed of myself to play it.


Get help. Seriously.


Just pointing out the absurdity that a little visual clarity would ruin a game for someone. It could still be dark, just give effects enough of a glow or shimmer that they're visible.

No one's trying to ruin YOUR vision, they're just trying to see what the everlasting fuck killed them.

Grow up. For being 38, you act like an entitled 14 year old.
Marschiee wrote:
Redthorne82 wrote:
Marschiee wrote:
Great job GGG!

I am SO thankful for all the hard work you guys put into PoE. Unnrivaled really.

Also, it makes me so sad to se all the 'fans' who act so entitled and write 'fix this u mf:er' etc.

People and fellow exiles; you should be thankful for what GGG has created for us.

Thanks again and AWESOME artwork. Really, really fucking badass. Keep doing your thing.

Love from Sweden

A shit sandwich is a shit sandwich. Just because someone worked hard to make it for your doesn't mean you should be thankful, even if it's free.

Wow. Just wow. When did this community turn so toxic?

When the game turned in a direction that alienated a large portion of it's player base. They're actively pushing people away that don't have a thousand hours a league to play.

Worse, they're actively pushing away a group of people they actively catered to a couple years ago with the 3.0 update and leagues beyond.

You can't un-do the accessibility of something and expect people to be happy about it.
Wow, thanks Grinding Gears for making it clear I will not be able to play this game soon since I already have issues picking out loot (often have to double click or more to get it) and you only care about racers and other people who are fast. So much for a game I have enjoyed since there was only 2 acts. Why would you be so insulting?
HazaRdReborN wrote:

I would stress that the other 100k people currently playing the game this very moment I am writing this are completely cool with it and you are the 5% that complaints every time to make the game into something its not. You wont be missed one bit.

I mean, the only example of that is streamers. Those are the people we can see. 3 of the 4 streamers I regularly watch play PoE have quit already. Plenty of the bigger ones are FURIOUS with the state of this league, for multiple reasons (Ziz even felt the need to apologize to his viewers through Twitter for being so negative and unhappy, because he wasn't enjoying the game).

So if you think even the die-hard "I play 500 hours a month" streamers who LIVE off this content being upset isn't some sort of sign...I don't know what'll sway you.

We'll never know what % of the playerbase is sick and tired until we see concurrent numbers go down. The problem is that this game has turned into an unhealthy addiction for so many.

I can't tell you how many times in the last few days I've seen posts/comments on this forum like, "I HATE THIS LEAGUE IT'S THE WORST EVER, I'M ONLY GOING TO TRY IT FOR TWO MORE WEEKS THEN QUIT IF IT'S NOT BETTER!"

Sounds like a gambling addict at a slot machine, gambling away the last of their sanity, saying JUST ONE MORE, even though they're already miserable.
Redthorne82 wrote:
HazaRdReborN wrote:

I mean, the only example of that is streamers. Those are the people we can see. 3 of the 4 streamers I regularly watch play PoE have quit already. Plenty of the bigger ones are FURIOUS with the state of this league, for multiple reasons (Ziz even felt the need to apologize to his viewers through Twitter for being so negative and unhappy, because he wasn't enjoying the game).

That is a lie and you know it, anyone who beleives on streamers opinions to be the same as the majority of the player base does not understand reality. While I agree with you, I think your reasoning is very flawed. No one and I mean no one should ever care what a streamer thinks. The fact that GGG seems to only care about them is insane, but if that is their biggest flaw (I personally think it is), that is not a bad thing, insanity leads to better games sometimes. Ask your friends and guild mates what they think, I can relay that mine think the content is hard, but they blame their characters and gear like you are supposed to. This will not go down as one the best leagues they have made, but it is solidly in the middle of the pack.
Problem of this league: The incentive structures do not work together but clash.

The timer and very deadly (silly) on death effects of delirium monsters give you the incentive to keep on your feet and go quickly but at the same time you get some splinter drops that feel very risky/punishing to loot.

And in the end, the Similacrum encounter is NOT rewarding, even if the amount of items makes some feel it is. You get about 100c in bubble-gum (small) currency if you subtract the market price of the emblem. Divide by the time you spend in there and which you need to convert your million little things into chaos orbs and observe how unrewarding it is to a lot of the other content.

Also, I am very disappointed by the new temple. The changes on paper made me cheer, though the rewards are still not on par with comparable content aside from the sacrifice room and the legion encounter. Please consider buffing the temple even further.

So while I like the challange and the atmosphere of the league, I think you have unfortunately not managed to balance the risk/reward ratio (too little reward and contradicting incentive structures).

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