It's been a while since we showcased fan art created by our players, so we've gathered some of the recent pieces of the community's artwork to share with you today. Check them out below:

Witch in Elder Darkseer Set by Jorsch84

The Brothers by Catcomfortable

Kitava Stitching by helbigsharto

Wraeclast Men'sHealth #11 by Kardalak

Devourer Fan Art by turdpudge

We also have another dedicated Exile who has immortalised Path of Exile on his own body. Just look at this epic Pantheon piece on blackmamba2702's back!

We're always happy to see fan art inspired by Path of Exile. If you want to share your talents with us and the rest of the players, just submit your artwork to the Community Showcase forum section or our subreddit.
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ty! nice art and rly talented community!

ty all who made it ur super!

PS GGG pls for god sake rework lab reward system! why u cant change it? at least unique jewel that u reward top 1 ladder change it to drop or random reward to top 100 or anything else... just something else but not top 1 who always same
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Path of Exile is not a game. It's an occupation for a fortunate few.

Path of Exile is life, just ask my Ex-Wife

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so cute
Poe is easy if you don't force yourself to play hyped builds.
How about patch and bugfixes?
Getting pretty close to dick root on that mens health.
*Looks at men's health* Aww cmon I was eating!
I like Synthesis. Deal with it.

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