3.10.0d Patch Notes

ty ggg! but its laggy
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imagine having to do this much on your already """"TESTED"""" league.

come on give me a break thankfuly for me there's another games with interesting things due the virus on the globe which makes them more interesting.

for now I wont return to this alpha testing might return next month or may not.
Turning players into payers.

The 10% "content" defenders, lovers of anything that they do.."they" never do anything wrong for "poe is hype poe is life" according to them. Brainless zealots.

Chapter: XVII/Part II.
You want my fix? Leave things as they are except the playing nice with prior content - that needs to be done. Half the death penalty. You are welcome, it is criminal that most people are not even bothering with the league mechanic. Me? 103 deaths and counting.....no wimp here....but it is wearing on me.
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I am referring to the lag that always appears when interacting with delirium... and i even got a pretty decent pc, i would hate this league if i were on a worse machine!
Ok initial reaction: you guys may have over-corrected as, so far, it seems kind of easy now :D. And no, my gear's far from being good.
Personally i'd have been fine with the difficulty remaining roughly the same and just getting rid of the timer, but i guess you guys really like your timed mechanics.
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Game is super easy and super boring now, what is the point of delirium if they are weaker than normal mobs.
Still on low tier maps in ssf, but i feel no difference on 1 stack and 7 stacks of delirium.
Ramp it up like it was, maybe remove some of the on death effects.
not sure if i like the changes, i mean sure delirium is now super easy, so most people will be happy. even if the deaths in delirium were frustrating, their difficulty were the only thing enjoyable bout them
Ran a couple more maps specifically trying to push as deep into the fog as possible (again, with very mediocre gear) and yep, HP scaling seems to be pretty much gone now, and so is the difficulty. You've essentially replaced the league mechanic with "hey, here are some more packs", which is...a massive bummer i'm not gonna lie.
Feels like you've watched Mathil's video and concluded that you have to make sure monsters still get killed in 1 hit.
Oh well, i guess people will be happy about this change, i'm certainly not :D.
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Just received my precious 1 fusing as a reward for lvl4 mist. Phew... Feels SO Good.
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