3.10.0d Patch Notes

no noticeable changes lol
Good changes. Delirium needed a bit of a kick in the ballsack.
rmsison1 wrote:
If I hear another streamer say this game is too easy...

I'm gonna get out of quarantine and I'm gonna sneeze on your face.

I'd Patreon to see that.
Reading all these comments makes me feel pretty good about dilly-dallying in Hardcore Permanent instead of jumping right into the league.

I'll get into the league eventually, but I confess none of the posts make me especially enthusiastic about it.
The league is great, GGG i love u
Please add more features from Synthesis league
Performance-wise the game is unplayable. Constant freezes, lag spikes, crashes etc. Fix this please.
Thank you, much needed changes
Thank you :D
Sorry but before was glad to play a stayble league now i got dcs path of exile not working every 1-2maps which makes it not satisfying to paly if you loose zana tps etc

btw like the league did like it before as well was hard but fine at least fine for sc

for hc dunno prolly not xD

please fix it to be stable again ty...

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