3.10.0d Patch Notes

Still a "no-reward" league, love to lose my time
Gruentod wrote:
Reading all these comments makes me feel pretty good about dilly-dallying in Hardcore Permanent instead of jumping right into the league.

I'll get into the league eventually, but I confess none of the posts make me especially enthusiastic about it.

The concept of it is cool, the atmosphere is fine, decent voice lines. More monster, exp and loot. The potential to have had a huge well done launch here was missed sadly, but its not the first time... Although i see problems here that i'd never allow in my game to appear, i still somewhat enjoy it as is, and hope it gets a lot better during next week.

Its pretty damn nuts when you have delirium mobs, on top of influence mobs, on top of beyond. Luckily for me i have little to no issue or lag when i play.
You just wasted 3 seconds reading this.
So now you take less damage from things you can't see.

I stopped playing this league already. Too much stutter, powerpoint fps. And rewards don't worth the heartache. See u in next league.
so cute how there are nothing but nice posts here. re-re-re is a lot like china, report how shit they are and they delete your post then point out how they have 15+ pages of "likes"

League is shit, from concept to implementation. For a company that's entire business model is based on "don't piss off the players so we can sucker them into buying our garage MTX" you sure are doing a shit job.
Guys, we are slowly leaving pre-alpha stage.
Ngl, I was hyped because with these changes I am finally able to actually do the league content without skipping it because of how OP delirium mobs are.

Farewell bois, hit me up when the game leaves pre-alpha stage.
Performance-wise the game is unplayable. Constant freezes, lag spikes, crashes etc. Fix this please.

My sentiments exactly. I played 3.9 until a week before it ended. I stopped this league barely after getting to maps because of the performance issues. 2600x, 16gb ddr4, and a 1070Ti on a rock solid 300mbps connection. The issue is not on my end. I even disabled sounds, etc. to mitigate as best as I can.

The ball is in your court GGG. I think you are right to tune down the monsters, but you are limiting the impact it has when your screen freezes for a half a second as a large mob appears and then you're either dead or out of potions because you spammed in anticipation.

Otherwise, obligatory pats on the back for vape league 2020!

it´s by far the worst loot experience i ever made in this game. going to 90 in red maps with gear worth 30c. no chance to upgrade anything. yesterday not a single chaos orb drop for 7 hours for instance, absolutely impossible. all income is eaten by alching maps and reroll a modifier here and there thanks to the chaos recipe. can´t afford gemcutters for my gems, can´t afford chisels or sextants while taking all risks. this is very discouraging.

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