3.10.0d Patch Notes

Well, i was saying GGG finally made a good league and now they nerf the difficulty because of the zoom cry babies..

It was a league i could enjoy the difficulty of a rare monster being difficult like the time they where in CB and OB... you know when we actually had to manually dodge things.. like "playing the actual game".. They slowed down the speed meta as we are asking about for years now but after that patch we go back to zoom meta..

Fucking party poopers

If you die on cast on death effects then do not off screen and then zoom forward like you have turpentine in your ass.. if you die on choreographic one shot you can see coming miles away then move to dodge it..

Play the actual game!

I could understand if it was for any other league but i dont agree with the changes on this one.

All it was needed is performance issues, visibility so you can see maps terrains and more time when you encounter other league mechanics.


I am enjoying the league for now, but yes, more splinters, more delirium orbs also would be awesome.

Delirium orbs is just TOOOO RARE atm. Remembers me of blight league where I could NEVER find a blight map.
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Despite the Beginning-problematics/rippiness, Delirium is for me in personal,incredible cool and fluently to farm and also to play.
It gives lots of exp and useful rewards.(Even the Basics dropping a lot and that helps ofc). If u understand the Mechanic the Reward-multiplier is always flying up to 6 or even higher, it goes fast and u need to concentrate. I like it.

So looking even more forward to the Patchnotes. Thanks for your Hardwork GGG.
Where is the rest of it? .jpg
edit: Hold on, delirium fog is still not permanent? I will wait another week then.
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Didn't address the fact that Delirium is still a timer based encounter. I thought at least you would extend the Delirium timer. Best would be to get rid of it all together. Stop using timer mechanics as a gate to content. It is not a good way to gauge character progression. All it does is force people to gravitate toward builds that can deal high burst damage. What's the point of having different mob modifiers when you expect people to one-shot packs in order to just complete an encounter? I've played since War of the Atlas and not once have I considered the modifiers on mobs, except for volatiles and boss mechanics, which usually require skill to get through. Everything else I just ignore since I'm one-shotting packs anyway. And I'm only one-shotting because the content forces me to, not because I want to.

There are too many timer based content already...

Incursion, Legion, Breach, Delve (pseudo-timer), Blight (pseudo-timer)

Let defense and player skill play a bigger part in determining character progression, not just whether you can zoom-zoom through a map. Metamorph was a great league because the metamorphs tested your skill, n
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And so it begins. But all of these 'fixes' are just making Delirium easier by toning down the numbers, not addressing any of the more fundamental conceptual / design issues. The end result will just be Delirium will become less rippy, but still every bit as annoying to play through.
[quote="Qarl"]Fixed a bug where occasionally Fairgraves, Neverdying never dies[/quote]
Sooooooooo... no performance fixes yet? I mean, it's ridiculous that even on high end pc's sometimes frames drops to nearly 10-15 fps...
What about chains of command being hit by the nerf to minion count, but not having the more attack speed/damage applied to it like new animate weapon?

Also what about writhing jar worms gaining redicilus ammounts of toughness in 100% delirium maps?
This really fucks with builds that rely on killing the worms with dot effects..
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For those that are having performance issues, try disabling your MTX if you have any. I lost fps by just having the celestial leap slam effect enabled. Which is ridiculous since I paid money for MTX, and can't use it since I lose performance.
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