3.10.0d Patch Notes

No mention of:

1. Gladiatorial Combat bug allowing 1500% attack damage
2. FPS and frame drops due to delirium
3. General spiky lag from Washington DC realm
4. Backtracking to get loot being absurdly ridiculous
5. Completely gutted map drops resulting in running out of maps and feeling like pre-Metamorph league nonsense.
6. Absolutely terrible and clearly untested interaction with Delirium with other league mechanics like Blight and other timed events. Multiple time events do NOT interact well together. Delirium needs to pause its timer when another timed even is running
7. Delirium being absolute trash with shitty map layouts
8. Delirium being absolute trash with bosses that have invulnerability phases.

The list goes on and on.
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Anyone else having a bad time with the drops this league has ?

Seems that the drops from this league are superior far worse than blight / metamorph. Not even talking about legion..

Think I am not going to bother with this league...

1. Rewards are like bad. I don't know how they are on red maps, but running white maps at 5x drops like garbage 99% of the time, and when they do drop something it's like 1 chaos or something for the level of sh@t you have to endure to get there.

2.Having a mist that goes into edges...Yeah like no thanks dude, I use shield charge cannot jump edges...feels bad. Most of the time I lose the fog because I need to go the other way around.

3. The challenge rewards in my personal opinion are pure garbage for the achievements that need to be done. In meta morph they were easier, accessible and the rewards were pretty good ( guess they won't be suckered a second time with almost rewardable mtx).

4. I don't know how they think they buffed map drops, but currently I am struggling a fair deal to progress with Atlas...

I've died more this league than in all the leagues accumulated. Know I understand the frustration of the streamers playing HC. ( this is not 100% real, but I died more times in Delirium than I did in any league...Since my standard chars are from the time I was a complete pleb I died a fair amount of time, cannot be cumulated to 50 deaths this league)

I would literally give my one Golden fish wish to meet the person that actually thought that 1. rewards are good and satisfying. 2. Played SSF or at least with starter gear and thought the damage/mob life is fine and everything is fine...And 3. Is literally still playing this shit ,

If you don't play this game for 8 hours a day I don't know how exactly you gonna keep up with this madness.
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Too late, already abandoned this madness. Have fun with the "league"
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This league feels less buggy but just simply unfun.
IGN: Jerle_Farmer
Will we finally be out of beta?
no performance fix gg, ggg

should be highest prio
Lul still no FPS fix. i see. another unplayable league where fix will arrive 2 month later when nobody need it. Cool. smol company.
Nubatron wrote:
I'm personally enjoying the difficulty, but I get it.

ofcourse you do, you play softcore ^^
LUL finally fix those super damage mobs, and still rewards are shit as fuck

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