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plz make all items drop at end. backtracking really makes mapping 2 times longer.
Very good past 2 patches. I'm glad you quickly recovered from the initial stumble. Looking at these nerf numbers of 40% and 50% dmg reductions really makes you think how overtuned all those effects were. My death count speaks for itself. The amount of times I was 1 shot in white maps (with no damage mods!!!) with capped resists and 4k life was frustrating to say the least.
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Junkkis wrote:
plz make all items drop at end. backtracking really makes mapping 2 times longer.

Please don't cave into Path of Ease requests like this. With the newest update that gives more wiggle room for doing other league mechanics and encounters, its enough to pick up whats worth along the way. I recommend stricter loot filters to all.
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I just really want to commend GGG on the fog effect this league. I know the palate has not been for everybody, but the physics and interaction skills and players have with the fog are really impressive. I don't know or understand how you've done this, but it is wholeheartedly the best looking fog/smoke I've seen in any game. Good job!
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path of backtrack, path of nerfs
Bye bye, u lost a customeur
WHERE FIX HOWA TOTEM BUG??? [Removed by Support]

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It would be nice to have some sort of loot gathering feature. You can't have a time attack mode that spans for the entirety of an area and also be expected to somehow micromanage picking up everything that is valuable while at the same time going as fast as you possibly can in the fog.

This is more similar to synthesis from this perspective, and not breach or anything of that sort. If you have something that expands for a giant area but is also a time attack mode, you need some sort of loot drop at the end. Having an influenced map is different,there you actually have the time to look back and not constantly run before the timer runs out.

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