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ggg pls fix lags and servers

also make timer longer (more time)
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Great job GGG!
Hey, so it's cool that the extraneous "10,000% increased" mod to the goddamn porcupines' spikes-on-death damage seems to have finally been lost as of 3.10.

Unfortunately, Blight monster health seems to have found it.

Between Blight lanes suddenly being about half the length they were in 3.8 and 3.9, the fact that I have yet to see a lane pattern spawn yet that doesn't have every lane isolated from the others so there's no possibility of tower or projectile spread overlap, the above, and the performance issues, Blight content is no longer fun. Maybe fix at least one of these?
Awakened Combustion Support when?
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While there are some great ideas in delerium it is so boring to backtrack on every map you play. It really kills the joy. Lock all drops no matter what mobs to kill and let it rain when the timer ends. That would fix it.
Atlantis_arch wrote:
Ever thought about working (or simply hiring some knowledgeable guys) about OPTIMIZATION ???????
The last version of the game is the most laggy I have EVER SEEN (playing before harbinguer, even synthesis lags were a joke compared to this). Seriously, the game mecanics seems great but actually I DON'T enjoy NOTHING out of the game.
I kill the boss, veritania portal open but I decide to clean the map before going to kill her. But GGG seems not have to have thought to play it like that and closed my 5 reamaining portals, wiped the delirium loot and so on ...

Seriously, .............
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Still not worth going all in on the Fog, the rewards is still kinda bad, for example the weapon and armour "challange" (bars) is extremly underwhelming. And if we talk about the most wanted currency for example, a few alchs and if lucky a chaos orb at stadge six over and over again is not really worth to pay the price of dying and lose 10% XP for SC nor even dying and need a restart on HC.

I have no problems that you want to make it hard, but please make it rewarding also. Same with the backtracking, it feels that you don´t want us to loot, if we go back we die to effects we can´t see and at the same time we need to progress in the mist to keep up.. Decide what you want us to do!

I really like the consept of the league but it´s mechanics it´s not there, something is missiiong and i can´t really put/point my finger on what it is!

Thanks anyway for another league, you guys rock!
How about you work on putting out a league that isn't full of bugs and then spend the entire league trying to fix it. This league is so laggy it's almost unplayable.
some of us including me have some problems with GPU-CPU when delirium spawn we have soo much lag the pc crying and i need to restart the pc xD ^^^ not to talk in maps xD

PS:sory for my english xD
Game is completly broken, Techincal support is full of reports, noone cares.Buffer Overflow error for evertyone. Good job GGG, good luck having 5k people online MAXIMUM from 90k currently by the monday if u dont fix that.
the most screen freeze league ever the most unstable game 2020 trash

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