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yeah boi
This is beautiful. You guys really heard us and moved quickly. These changes will make a decent league AMAZING. I can not wait. Thank you GGG.
Can you by any chance bring back the density of the monsters like it was before patch? Its really noticeable it has been gutted and there are a lot less monster sin maps now
SenchuTen wrote:
To little to late. League is over for me. The loss in currency (also the potential fr it) is already gone.

I am seriously thinking about deleating my account since this is the third or fourth time in a row you are making the same misstakes all over again...

Please do. You won't be missed.
Is it possible to stop other mechanics, like guardians during delirium?
Every issue I have had with the league is now being addressed and fix. I'm good now, 6.6/10 league for me. This was also done in a timely manner so I appreciate that.
Performance Issues is pretty much the only section I am happy to see addressed.

Hopefully what you identified is why my gameplay feels like I'm watching a video that occasionally studders and buffers because the bandwidth is complete shit. I don't even have the amazing 2.0 fog tech in standard that's chocking Mathil's PC.

Didn't have any issues in 3.09 on my i9-9900K with 64 gig mem GTX 1080.

Edit: yeah so Doom Eternal forced me to update my drivers, and although I was outdated by only 3 months, the latest appears to have made things much better in PoE as a result. That or the servers are running smoother today but I'm leaning towards the drivers.
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On the toilet is the best time to read the forum.
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So you don't want to get rid of the soft timer.

I don't understand that decision and the silence around it.

No timer would let slow and defensive build do the mapping at their own pace while still rewarding the glass canon builds : they clear faster so they already get more income per hour...
The league was lauched literally 6 days ago, it's not even a week yet, saying that the "league is already over" is such a childish cry

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