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Can't wait for next patch and the performance improvements.

Because I would like to interact with the new mechanic more frequently !
Great work. Do we have an ETA for 3.10.0d on console? Or should we expect it to be combined with the planned patch for PC later today?
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we will make the league playable in next couple of weeks , in the mean time keep testing the open beta - gg ggg.
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The first is that some shaders were not gathered in our internal process. Many of these were fixed in 3.10.0c and this will improve in upcoming patches. (The Awakener suffers from the same problem and we'll fix it as soon as we can.)

The second is that an issue where the graphics driver was being overloaded by shader uploads was exacerbated by the increase to use more CPU cores in 3.10.0. We expect a fix for this within a few workdays.

Is that why all fog effect at my Hideout is overlap many things instead "stay only in the floor"?
It overlap even the portal's from map divice... looks like shit since Delirium :/
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japaloco wrote:
People with RTX2080 saying they are playing 10fps and me with a 970 chilling 100fps LOL
Never had fps problems in ANY league EVER. The only problem is with aspect of the spider.

Loving the league keep it UP!

You can always tell when the sheep start bleeting when they use anecdotal evidence to make it sound like theres not fucking problem...fact of the matter is that there is no reason for a modern horse-tank of a card to be shitting bricks when it can deal with real-time raytracing in a game that does none.

So the game performance is shit and you not having any issues is anomaly. Fact.
FFS GGG themselves noted it by highlighting the regressions...you can stop shilling now.
Hey guys, should I reset my actual shader cache or let it the way it is now?

Does anyone else skip the first 4 pages of comments on these posts to dodge the bootlickers and get to the real discussion?
absolutly fantastic, every change here is something i was wanting
paused mist in incursion/blight/abyss etc etc is so big it means we can actually do those things now
I enjoy the design(aside from the color grading) and overall feel of Delirium.

It should of been play tested more(or at all.) But it's fun because it's like turning on a race in your map. I can see my characters progress with how far I can get, I like it.

The changes listed here are much welcomed, thank you for the hard work.
The visual Signaling for exploding monster, the variation of rewards with more depth and the "pause" during Alva and other encounters seems just Perfect.

Monster don't need to be tune down too much, its fine, but those 3 points are really needed^^.

THanks GGG.

For Performance issues as usual it seems to be very specific from cards to cards/constructors, i have a GTX 1660 Ti from Nvidia, its steady at 60fps locked, and run around 90-120 without lock.
I have almost zero lag or anything during encounters, i even played some insane maps with Breach + Conquerors influences mobs + Delirium active + Beyond spawning in mass, it was pretty fluid. But sometimes some attacks from higher depth Mobs do freeze for .5/1sec the screen, but like once every 30minutes at most.

BUT, i noticed than since the release and some of your DDOS attacks, that a few servers in Europe are really unstable, i always get a 15-40ms ping and no fps issues but on some servers its literrally "freezing" every 5secondes, without a drop noticable while F1 mode is active so...
I guess some servers are having issues more than the game itself.
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