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japaloco wrote:
People with RTX2080 saying they are playing 10fps and me with a 970 chilling 100fps LOL
Never had fps problems in ANY league EVER. The only problem is with aspect of the spider.

Loving the league keep it UP!

I dunno. I have GTX 970 too and my fps this league jumps from 90 to EVEN 1 when I do legion or delirium, or Jun missions etc.
My game keeps crashing at last merciless izaro fight, thus preventing me from accuiring last ascendancy points, is this related the the performance issues or what is this? I tried to look for answers from the internet and as far as i can tell alot of ppl have had this problem during years but no solution??
IGN Tontunkives
Delirium mist will also pause if the entire party leaves the instance (allowing players to stash or trade).

And be dead presumably?
It's nice that you guys do listen and try to make improvements as fast as you can, however I'm with many others. Just too little too late. Been playing since before 1.0, and I gotta say, this has been the most difficult character start in a league ever for me.

League after league it's the same. Huge nerfs with huge monster buffs. 5,6,7k life with armour, block, fortify, blind, dodge, arctic armour, etc. Layers of defense just aren't cutting it anymore. And 1 shots are far more frequent. And when you are investing in defense (which seems useless now), you aren't investing in offense. So if you don't kill fast enough, you get dog piled on and game over.

I'm noticing more and more builds are moving from lvl 90 to lvl 95 to be considered "complete". And these new jewel clusters...great...they still take passive points to fill in, and most builds are already stretched for points.

I think I'll sit the rest of this league out and continue struggling with a build in standard using the best of the best gear that I've been saving up for years. When it starts becoming 10-15 exalts for a "budget gear" build that can farm for the "good" builds, well, that's it for me. (A good 6 link is 3 exalts minimum)

There are an ever increasing list of long term players who feel the same way, and have expressed themselves in forums/reddit. And they aren't just "my necromancer"....these are legitimate complaints from long time players and supporters.

I do love this game, and I have a lot of respect for the effort that GGG puts into, but I can't keep taking defeat after defeat. I'll keep playing, bc I can always just do some light MFing after work, but I doubt I'll be doing any more supporting for a while.
Sick as broo
Path of Exile is not a game. It's an occupation for a fortunate few.

Path of Exile is life, just ask my Ex-Wife
great league. GG GGG always.
but whole screen has strongly gray and dark in mist i could not specify each monster what doing.
im really wating improve visibility. have a good weekend.
Don't care. I've been fine with Delirium even if it blows me up sometimes.

You know what is dogshit? The Atlas. Fuck the watch stones, hidden maps, micromanagement, and whatever fucking degenerate moron came up with the idea in the first place.
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Good job!

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