Let's Discuss This League / Standard Trading Listing Feature

This is quite a legitimate idea. Looking forward to this implemented.
Right would be nice fixing it
one of the main reasons make me quit this league very early was trading, i took almost 1 hour (in league) to sell 1ex... and i failed. u send a trade request and over 20 or 30 players no 1 answer you.

i sold the gear. and quit league.
really this point that you touch makes sense yes, i believe that if the person does not play standart and stays in the league it should be prohibited to post trade on standart.

if they pretend to do something different of that, it surly gona make things worst.
Trade is a big ass hassle. There has been way too many complaints/ issues with it, and there have been viable solutions presented by the community that just don't get implemented. It's been made apparent that GGG keeps up with reddit and these forums and listens occasionally... yet trade still continues to be a shit show. Literally, the blueprints are there... 100 times over.

PS Can we also address the issue that you can't reliably find elder maps in trade? If I want to farm elder, I'm stuck to buying fragments only... then I just have to deal with the shit show that is POE trade.

I sexually identify as Herald Stacking. Ever since I was a patchnote I dreamed of getting mad expencive and op as fuck. People say that im retarded and unethical but i dont care, im beautiful. I'll have Chris Willson demolish me by the end of this league. From now on I want u guys to call me an ethical build and respect my right to vaporise all the content and be unkillable. If you can't accept me you're a powerphobe and need to check your dps privelege. Thank you for understanding.
https://pastebin.com/S0cXErCH Le Toucan has returned
yeah as a STANDARD player this is QOL GGG
i dont think it is very easy to solve
So, after waiting for players to give their inputs; I'm now back to continue the awareness of this issue and will constantly bump this thread for however long need be. Thank you to all players who have stated their feelings on the matter. Now to first address GGG and then the players.

Proposed solution- Make all online trade listings appear based on the logged in character's respective league only and with no option to toggle; due to the loophole and problems it's caused throughout the years.

To GGG - When players PM other players to buy / trade for an item, while looking on the chosen league; they should not have to run into players that are outside of that league. The item listed is within their respective league and so should be the online listings to reflect it.

My proposed solution to this issue is in 100% accordance with the Trade Manifesto and the terms of service or legal rules within the game. This eliminates 2 problems that's been abused and ignored for far far too long : Cross League trading and the option being given to use the current trade system as a loophole (via online settings / default , etc).

No matter how some people try to sugarcoat it or classify it in a different manner, Cross League trading is exactly what it is. Players have had the option to turn on / off their settings but in most cases refuse to and still contribute to the "deadwood" within the online listings.

By having the online trade listings be strictly shown based on the league that the logged char is on, automatically with no option; gives Standard players equal footing instead of the senseless disadvantages that are current. It also helps to strengthen the effectiveness of the current official trade site on here.

***Keep in mind that there's still an overwhelming majority of players that refuse to even use the official pathofexile.com/trade ; who instead still use the third party site poe.xyz. This proposed change will NOT affect 3rd party site users so their input is irrelevant to this solution because they will continue to use 3rd party sites.***


To Players (For) - There's always been constant issues with trading in PoE, this solution will be a great help towards fixing things. Let's call it like it is: the main people that are against this are obviously price fixers, looking to double dip in both leagues. Looking to gain profit in Standard, without having to play or deal with the trade issues within it.

To anyone trying to defend the current system or making excuses, this solution is to benefit the majority of standard league players; by not having to deal with issues or hold ups caused by people outside in temporary leagues. The needs for a solution that's affecting Standard league players, outweighs the desire for the temporary league players to continue making profit off cross league trading.


To Players (Against) - If anyone feels so strongly about wanting to trade in Standard league, then they should log on to their Standard character bottom line. No more excuses, no more false pretenses.

"I only switch over for x amount" "I don't trade during temp league" "It's too many listings to reprice" "I don't want to log in online"

The time is done and over with for it. Next, in response to some of the comments (not just on here but from people in global)- this proposed change has NOTHING to do with any "history" of items, no AH, no bots.

1) The FEW players who play temporary leagues that are willing to switch over for a trade who feel they would be hurt by this; consider the fact that there's been more people hurt by the current way of the trade listings online. If you're willing to switch chars for a trade, then there should be no problem continuing to switch chars if you want to trade within that league for your listings to appear.

2) Let's put this to bed about what Cross League trading is. If a person in one league is attempting to trade with another person outside of that same league, that's what it is. Too many people are confused or trying to make excuses thinking it's not; due to no items being given in one league. It's the same concept, just another way of doing it. GGG has banned people in the past for such talk and actions trying to do it. Spoken to a few guys in global who still to this day, have another account that was banned for this offense.

3) This solution wont even affect those against it, because the items will STILL appear on 3rd party trade websites due to api or whatever they use.

If the item is not worth your time to

a) switch characters
b) turn off the tab listings
c) log in to change the settings
d) change item price listings
e) turn on /dnd mode so the items don't appear

then it's not worth the time to be seen online.

Your move, GGG

I rarely post, but when I do it's important. Fighting for the player, not monsters! https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/880487

I rarely post, but when I do it's important. Fighting for the player, not monsters! https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/880487


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