The Balefire Armour Set and Super Stash Sale

Looks like a waste of $40.
Looks like a combination of Nidus deluxe and Harrow deluxe skins with vengeful flame ephemera. I don't think, that DE will be happy to know, that you steal their skins.
Does this mean there wont be other sales this weekend? Been liking going through the daily sales
Finally something quality show's up.
super stash sale should have been announced earlier not very happy about this as ive bought a quad tab essence tab map tab fossil tab div card tab on Thursday the 19th march after buying one of the 60 dollar delirium packs now I miss out on 90 points because of this any chance of refunding me the points I have missed out on please ggg
Option to upgrade regular/ premium tab to quad?
brgillespie wrote:
Looks like i'll waste $40.

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