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Can confirm

Tabula wearing lvl70's are 1-shotting 15k ehp tanks in sarn with unlinked Molten.

Pretty frustrating
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Molten shell is strong since metamorph , my discharge+astral char cant kill guys with molten shell up ( molten shell eats all the damage )

i tested it in metamorph 3.9 and tested it in standard 3.10 with another discharge char ( random discharge char cant one shot me while my tank use molten shell , also my molten shell reflected damage and killed him )
...thought i'd pop onto the forum and see just how bad the pvp is now.

am not disappointed.

hahaha, what a shitshow.
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"Your forum signature was removed as it was considered to be inappropriate and a breach of our Code of Conduct."

...it was quotes. from the forum. lolz!
Molten shell lost pvp scaling this patch
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We are back to 1.3 lel

Soon tempest shield will 1 shot again whole arena.

Timestamp me!
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I'm breaking my years of silence to just post how fucking hilarious it is that pvp went full circle.

Glad I haven't touch this crap for so long.
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It was fixed lol

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