Path of Exile has teamed up with Alienware to bring you the Arcane Helmet and new Arcane Horns for free when you participate in the Alienware Advent Calendar for daily rewards.

The Arcane Horns

The Arcane Horns are a new type of helmet attachment that are making their exclusive debut through Alienware! Currently, the only way to get them is by signing up to their loyalty programme. However, they'll be available to everyone in our store after our June expansion.

If you'd like to grab a pair of horns, just head to Alienware Arena here and create a new account. You will receive a code automatically after your registration is complete and can find it in your Rewards Section. If you are already a member of Alienware Arena, and are level 5 or higher, you can grab a code here.

The Arcane Helmet

The Arcane Helmet belongs to the Arcane Armour Set and looks great when paired with the Arcane Horns. Once you're an Alienware Arena member you can participate in reward programmes for even more freebies! The Arcane Helmet promotion will run from March 23rd to March 26th PDT. You'll receive the Path of Exile Badge on the first day and then the Arcane Helmet on the fourth. Special Note: You must login to Alienware Arena each day to receive Day 4’s reward.

Your microtransaction codes can be redeemed here. (Note that these codes are exclusive to PC users). This promotion will end once all the keys have been taken. The first people to grab them will be the ones who get them.

Here's how they look together!

Best of luck!
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Grinding Gear Games
Would be awesome if in the future collabs have specialized MTX.. Like for Alienware something like an ALIEN helmet.
Not sure how i feel about a reward system from alienware of all people
Last edited by Unch on Mar 22, 2020, 3:55:47 PM
Made an account on the alienware website, now it claims that my account isn't 'level 5' so I wont get the reward anyway??
registration is not working via your provided link...
Need some Sunprism Pestilent Strike
and Sunprism Plague Bearer
and Sunprism Cyclone
and Sunprism frost blades
lets go people

kk thx n advance
Path of Exile is not a game. It's an occupation for a fortunate few.

Path of Exile is life, just ask my Ex-Wife
Last edited by IOnlyPlayRangerBro on Mar 22, 2020, 4:15:16 PM
did I hear free? TriHard
what a waste of time

be level 5 in a account that ill never enter again zzzzzzzzzz
Thank you for this, already got the horn, so anyone know how to get the helmet? Cant find any info on the alienware website

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